Album review for “Armistice” by MuteMath

            MuteMath was accepted with open arms by both the mainstream and Christian markets with the release of their self-titled (and major record label debut) album. They were a breath of fresh air with their unique sound and often-danceable songs. Many have eagerly awaited a new release from this New Orleans based band and “Armistice” is sure to not disappoint. The album opens with “The Nerve” and as soon as the listener hears the driving bass line, they can confidently say, “MuteMath is back in action!” The following song, “Backfire,” is one of my personal favorites on the album; it starts out with a steady beat and then slows down for the first verse, with just a simple guitar to accompany Paul Meany’s distinct vocals. The interesting thing with “Armistice” is the inclusion of several slower, chilled out songs. “Clipping” is one of these and features a haunting chorus and strings. “Spotlight” picks the tempo back up and is a smart choice for the album’s first single. It slows down again until it hits “Goodbye,” which is by-far the poppiest of the tracks on the record. The title track contains an awesome horn section and is easily the most diverse that we’ve heard the band up until now. “Lost Year” is another highlight, which is very piano driven and has a beautiful message. MuteMath’s closer for their previous album, “Reset,” was a stunner (for me, at least), and they accomplished that same feat with the closer for “Armistice.” “Burden” is nine minutes long and includes a guitar solo that is a little reminiscent of Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave). It’s a perfect example of just what this band is capable of. All in all, MuteMath’s latest record is a success and should make more new fans of this emerging and very talented group.

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