Album review for “To The Sea” by Jack Johnson

            “To The Sea” is Jack Johnson’s sixth studio album. Hailing from Hawaii, this professional surfer turned singer songwriter has gained popularity and success over the years in the acoustic rock realm, while maintaining credibility as a genuine artist. That truth can easily be heard in his latest record, which features thirteen tracks fit for any summer day. “You and Your Heart” is a great opener, with layers that unfold and lead into Johnson’s smooth and distinct vocals. The title track, “To The Sea,” contains some of Johnson’s poetic and creative lyrics, which describe the ocean as a refuge from a pursuant foe. Things slow down a bit with the mournful “No Good with Faces,” but pick back up quickly with the single-ready “At or With Me.” The song begins with a beautiful piano line and abruptly shifts into a fun and peppy tune denouncing materialism. After a short interlude, “When I Look Up,” what is possibly my favorite track is next. “From the Clouds” is a breezy song which just begs driving through San Diego, ocean-side. “My Little Girl” is a sweet love letter written to Johnson’s daughter.  “Turn Your Love” and “The Upsetter” are solid, while “Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology” stands out with its jazzy and southern-laced atmosphere. “Pictures of People Taking Pictures” is sure to get stuck in your head and “Anything But the Truth” is reflective and questions: “What is this place? Who am I? Why did we come here?” The closer, “Only the Ocean” brings the album full-circle and back to Johnson’s obvious love. With some of my favorite lyrics on the record, Johnson sings of the sea, “You don’t want. You don’t wait. You don’t love. You don’t hate. You just roll over me and you pull me in…” And that’s exactly what these songs will do!

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