Album review for “Vagabonds” by The Classic Crime

            The Classic Crime had a challenge in front of them when they began to record their latest release, “Vagabonds.” Fresh off the heels of their sophomore success, “The Silver Cord,” the Seattle based band looked to do it all over again. The question is, did they? “Vagabonds” has some high points, and the low points aren’t really that low, per say. Still, the album doesn’t pack the “epic punch” of its predecessor, at least for me. The record starts out with the solid “A Perfect Voice” and is easily one of TCC’s most light-hearted songs to date. Following that are perhaps the strongest tracks of the album, “Cheap Shots” and “Solar Powered Life,” both of which are very radio-friendly. The title track is a bit of a let down, but has a nice chorus. While “The Happy Nihilist” contains some controversial (but not profane) lyrics, it is one of my favorites on the disc. The Classic Crime is known for their honest, sometimes dark songs, and “My Name” is no exception. However, it’s another strong and powerful track. The last half of the album is solid, while the closer “Broken Mess” leaves off on a perfect note. The song speaks of Christ and the church using an analogy of a husband and wife. Once again, the lyrics are brash, but thought-provoking. All in all, “Vagabonds” is a nice effort from a growing band.

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