Album review for “Wherever You Go” by Nate Fowler

            In an exclusive interview with The Waking, Nate Fowler admits the recording of his newest EP was like “craving a steak and fine wine on a McDonald’s budget.” However, upon listening to “Wherever You Go,” one would never come to that conclusion. In fact, Nate’s album is full of rich layers and catchy pop-rock tunes that would impress anyone. Acoustic guitar in hand, Nate brings forth hopeful and honest songs which speak about God, life, and love. The album begins with the radio-worthy track, “On My Way,” and smoothly transitions into a plea to live life to its fullest in “Cave In” and the heartfelt, “If You Ever Need Me.” Next up is the tune “You Will,” which speaks of finding God’s grace and being free from fear. “Call Me Family” is easily the most impactful song on the album. It was inspired by the tragedy of human trafficking and the devastating effects it has on girls of all ages. Nate put himself in one of these girl’s shoes and attempted to give her a “voice” through the song. He pulls that off powerfully. The album closer “Chasing Sunsets” is a sweet love song about sincere moments spent together: “This could be the rest of our lives, you and me/Chasing sunsets just to watch the sunrise.” After all is said and done, Nate Fowler is undeniably a talented artist with so much potential ahead of him. “Wherever You Go” showcases this perfectly and ought to be a catapult into a very successful career.

Support Nate Fowler by purchasing his new album on iTunes,, or Rhapsody.

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