Album review for “Get Closer” by Keith Urban

            Keith Urban has an uncanny skill at branching out across many genres of music and creating something very accessible. Country, alternative, southern rock, bluegrass, pop – it’s all there. The infusion of such genres is done masterfully by Keith, leaving the listener with catchy and creative songs of substance.

            “Get Closer” is Keith’s latest effort. One might be surprised at the fact that only eight tracks are featured on this record. I purchased the deluxe edition exclusively sold at Target, so in addition to the eight tracks were three bonus tracks and four live songs. However, the eight songs alone are worth the money, in my opinion.

            The opening track, “Put You in a Song,” aptly sets the tone of the album. It’s upbeat and fun and the lyrics are clever. “Get Closer” is all about love and relationships (specifically Keith’s marriage). Almost every song on the album is inspiring and hopeful in nature and “You Gonna Fly” is no exception. “All For You” is a slow and sweet ballad about how Keith’s wife changed his life and outlook on life. “Long Hot Summer” is another catchy tune which features an amazing guitar hook in the bridge. “Without You” takes on a more bluegrass tone and is just as sweet as the other slower songs on the record. “Georgia Woods” is deceptively brilliant, beginning with an electric drum-track and 80s inspired guitar riff. However, as the song progresses, it bursts into a fantastic arrangement, complete with a lengthy jam session at the end. The song is a perfect example of how talented of a musician Keith is. “Right On Back to You” starts with the sounds of rain falling and Keith lamenting over walking out after a heated argument. He states that he doesn’t want his fear to drive him away from the most important thing in his life, his marriage. I love the message of “Shut out the Lights.” It paints a picture of two people arguing. Keith sings, “Baby, I love you, I don’t want to go to bed angry. Baby, I need you and I only want you to be happy … maybe we should just shut out the lights and wait ‘til the morning.” The album includes stories of both the ups and downs of a relationship, but remains 100% positive in the process.

            The first bonus track on the deluxe edition of “Get Closer” is called “Big Promises” and is one of my favorites on the disc. I feel it should have been included on the standard edition’s track listing. The next track, “The Luxury of Knowing” is an unusually sad and sorrowful song about a lover who is emotionally distant while their partner is bent on remaining faithful. The final bonus song is a cover of Santana’s “Winning.” Keith puts a cool, country spin to it while staying true to the original. The four live songs, “Once in a Lifetime,” “You Look Good in My Shirt,” “Better Life,” and “Everybody,” are all great showcases of Keith’s live show. All of the tracks are extended musically.

            In the end, Keith Urban is one of my favorite artists because of his sheer ability to create complex, yet catchy music. His messages are encouraging and continue to become more and more hopeful as he releases albums. If you’re feeling in the mood, “Get Closer” is a great addition to any music fan’s collection.

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One Response to Album review for “Get Closer” by Keith Urban

  1. Part Time Sleuth says:

    I really like this album! Keith is a very talented guy and has obviously been inspired more than once by his loving wife. I like his music because it is uplifting – not whiny like most country songs. (Great review by the way…)

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