Recommendation for “The Theory of Daddy’s Girl” by Maria “Myia J” Jonas


I met Maria Jonas aka “Myia J” this past July when we both worked at our
church’s summer camp, her lively and fun personality jumped out at me,
and I was very happy to have a chance to get to know her a little. While
at camp, she graciously let me read a copy of her book “The Theory of
Daddy’s Girl”, and I instantly knew that I wanted to share it with you
all here on The Waking.

“Fathers choose what their daughters will become. The impact of fathers
on daughters is greater than the impact of the mothers in the sense that
they teach women about relationships and communication between the
sexes. The skill of communication sets the tone for the daughters whole

In “Theory Of Daddy’s Girl” Maria explores father – daughter
relationships, and the importance and significance of a strong father
figure in a girl’s life. The book is a compilation of stories from
others, as well as Maria’s own personal stories of her father. From
heart warming to thoughtful, as well as heartbreaking at times, Theory
of Daddy’s Girl lets you in on the hearts of other daddy’s girls around
the world, and the impact their fathers have had on their lives.
Describing her book as a “Chicken Soup For The Soul” type, I think the
comparison is very close in the way that, like the “Chicken Soup” books,
Theory of daddy’s girl is very heart warming, but I have to say; chicken
soup ain’t got anything on Maria! Theory of Daddy’s Girl is so full of
depth and “meat”, and I found myself fascinated and intrigued. Maria not
only shares special stories about fathers, but she also takes a hard
look at the facts and statistics regarding fathers and daughters. Filled
with insights and personal truths, the book will open your eyes to the
real need for strong father- daughter relationships, and I believe it
will also call men to step up and become better fathers to their

My favorite story in the book is one that Maria shares about her father.
She tells a story of how when she was a teen and going through the
sadness of not getting the boys attention, her dad gave her a hug and
took her on his lap, and with misty eyes told her she was a beautiful
girl, just like her mother. She says that after that, she knew she
deserved to be treated well by guys. Her story touched my heart, and i
could see how much Maria’s relationship with her father has made such a
beautiful impact on her life.

“Knowing that I was beautiful and worth the best treatment left me
protected against prolonged abuse by the men around me. When a father
tells a girl that she is beautiful and that she doesn’t have to accept
second best, she believes it. Daddy should represent all good men, so
that a daddy’s girl has the ability to weed out the suckers from the

I encourage you to purchase Theory Of Daddy’s Girl, whether you have a
close relationship with your father, or you find yourself in the
complicated area of the father-daughter relationship spectrum, this book
will get you thinking, and wanting to repair and/or continue to build a
friendship with your daddy. A warning though; you may want to get some
tissues ready because you will definitely find your eyes getting misty
when you read Theory of Daddy’s Girl!

Click Here to purchase Theory Of Daddy’s Girl. Quick fact, when you purchase the book $2 dollars will go to the Prostate Cancer Fund. Wonderful idea
Maria! 🙂

To find out more info about Maria, as well as how to purchase her other
books, click over to her website –


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