Review for Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quad, Purple Icon 30.

I went shopping a few weeks ago for a pastel purple eyeshadow that would
bring out my dark brown eyes, and when i saw Maybelline’s Eye Studio
Color Plush, Silk Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Icon 30, the beautiful hues
caught my eye i knew i had to buy it! The next morning i got out my
pallet and in giddy excitement (I’m always giddy when i use a new makeup
product!) went to playing with the pretty colors. The eyeshadow comes
with 4 perfectly coordinated shades; white, light purple, medium purple,
and dark purple. Very rich and smooth, the shades are gorgeous and have
the most beautiful shimmer, making your eye color pop! Oh the wonder! I
have never purchased such a lovely pallet of shadows in a Wal-Mart before!
lol. The color is brilliant, very pigmented, but not over powering. One
thing that i adore about Purple Icon is the little shimmery flecks in
the shades, while it’s most definitely not a glittery shadow, the
shimmer is almost like a glitter, but not at all in a cheap looking or
childish way. These shades are very elegant, yet playful and
flirtatious, just how we like it girls eh? 😉 

While Purple Icon 30 has
my love right now, Eye Studio Color Plush comes in an array of hues,
such as Green With Envy 40, Sapphire Siren 20, and Sunset Seduction 100,
and those are just a few of the beautiful and playful shades that are
just waiting to make their way into your makeup bag. These shadows are
made with silky and plush pigments, making it oh so soft to the touch!
Your shadow will glide on so effortlessly with this delicate plush
product…it feels like a lovely silk dress for the eyes!  But, while
the soft and plush texture is lovely to the eyes, it also creates some
annoying flaws. The shadow is so soft that the second you lightly touch
your brush to it, it creates a indention, thus creating the shadow to
crack, and then crumble in pieces. And if you’re like me and carry your
makeup in your purse for touch ups during the day, the crumbly shadow
pieces end up all over your cute kitty makeup bag! Kitty no like!

However, while the cracking and crumbling is really annoying, it is the
only flaw i could find in this eyeshadow quad. So, if you can deal with
a little mess, i say go a head and give Maybelline Eye Studio Color
Plush Silk Eyeshadow a shot dolls, you’ll fall in love with your eyes
once again…and just maybe someone else will fall in love with them as
well! Oh yeah girls, you know what i’m talkin ’bout! Meow! 😉

Until next time, keep that sparkle in your eyes, and don’t be afraid to
bat those gorgeous lashes! You’re lovely, doll, don’t you forget it!

To purchase Click Here

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