Single review for “I Want to Come Home” by Paul McCartney

            It’s hard to fathom how someone who has been in the music business for over 40 years can continually produce good music. Paul McCartney is one of those people. His ability to create relevant and catchy songs is what sets him apart from many musicians his age (67 years young, to be exact).

            Paul recently wrote a new song for the film, “Everybody’s Fine,” starring Robert De Niro. And while I haven’t personally seen the movie, I have listened to the song, and it’s amazing.

            The song opens with a piano and Paul’s weathered (but still very listenable) voice slowly sings, “For so long I was out in the cold…” He reminisces of his younger days,It was fun hanging onto the moon, heading into the sun…But it’s been too long. Now I want to come home.”

            To me, this song speaks of the dreams and stories we believe in and hold on to in our youth. As time passes, we suddenly realize what is attainable and what’s not. Paul wants to go back home, perhaps the one place that is real and concrete and safe. He sings, “Home, where there’s nothing but sweet surrender, to the memories from afar. Home, to the place where the truth lies waiting. We remember who we are.”

            Even if our dreams don’t come true and we fail (“Came so close to the edge of defeat…”) we can still find solace at home, among our loved ones. Fan of Paul and The Beatles or not, I believe you’ll find this song relatable and moving.

            The single is available online at iTunes and Amazon, as well as on the soundtrack for “Everybody’s Fine.” Paul McCartney’s new live album “Good Evening New York City” is available in stores everywhere.

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