Album review for “And If Our God Is For Us” by Chris Tomlin

            Chris Tomlin is one of the biggest worship leaders on the planet right now. His catchy, uplifting, and accessible worship songs are sung in churches all across the world every Sunday. In early 2010 he wrote and released four songs for the “Passion: Awakening” project, along with other artists such as Matt Redman, David Crowder, and Charlie Hall. The four live songs were a precursor to what his new album “And if Our God is for Us” entails.

            The album begins with the ever popular “Our God.” The addition of a wonderful string section to the arrangement makes it slightly different than the live version. The next song and first single from the record, “I Will Follow,” ventures into uncharted territory for Chris. It has a pop/R&B sound, reminiscent of “City on Our Knees” by tobyMac. It’s a great single for the radio and should peak interest for non-Tomlin fans. “I Lift My Hands” is a bit slower, but it’s still solid and uplifting. “Majesty of Heaven” boasts more of that pop flavor. “No Chains on Me” is the most daring track on the record as it really amps up the guitar-driven pop, along with some fun synth. Another timid and soft track makes an appearance with “Lovely.” Listeners get a flash-back to that classic Chris sound with “The Name of Jesus.” I can easily see this song being sung in churches.

            Things take a dramatic turn with the next track, “All to Us.” The tender piano intro leads into a bold song about how Christ is the passion of the church. The song builds into a powerful, choir-fueled bridge. This is a stand-out track on the record and had fans talking about it the day the album released. “Faithful” is a little disappointing, having the unfortunate job of following “All to Us.” However, things pick back up with “Jesus My Redeemer” and it’s a solid pop-rock track from start to finish.

            Rounding out the album is one of my personal favorite Chris Tomlin songs, “Awakening.” This version differs slightly from the live Passion version, but it maintains its power and message nonetheless. It’s the perfect closer, revealing the heart and soul of the album. While “And if Our God is for Us” isn’t creatively ground-breaking, the songs found on it are sure to shift the focus from yourself to your Savior. And for any Christian musician, that is a commendable cause.

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One Response to Album review for “And If Our God Is For Us” by Chris Tomlin

  1. Part Time Sleuth says:

    Great album – I too love “Awakening” and believe that Chris is one of the best at his trade when it comes to worship music. He’s definitely a favorite at our church!

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