Krystal’s Top Ten Cds Of The Decade

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2010 has been good to you so far. I can’t believe it’s been a decade already. How can ten years seem to fly by so fast? These past ten years have been great years for music. We’ve seen so many incredible artists release cds we’ll be talking about for decades to come. Below is a list of my top ten favorite cds from the past ten years. Here’s hopin’ the next decade of music will be just as amazing as the last.

1. The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot (2003) –

This is the cd that cemented Switchfoot as my favorite band. I still remember lying on my bed listening to this cd for the first time, not skipping a track, reading all the lyrics as I listened. I had never heard songs so honest and so real. When the last song “Twenty Four” came on I was completely blown away, I don’t think I breathed till it ended lol. Then I proceeded to push repeat over and over again. Never had I heard a song that put into words what it is to be born again. I’ve probably heard this song a million times but yet everytime I hear it it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time. Switchfoot’s “The Beautiful Letdown” changed the way I heard music from that point on.

2. Cities by Anberlin (2007) –

This cd holds such a special place in my heart, as it walked with me through a very tough time in my life.I clung to these songs during that time and somehow they really helped get me through. “The Unwinding Cable Car” was the song I constantly had on repeat. Whenever I hear any songs off of Anberlin’s “Cities” album it makes me smile just to look back at how God used these songs in my life.

3. Chaotic Resolve by Plumb (2006) –

One of my all time favorite cds from my favorite female artist.The songs on this cd will make you think, cry, dance, and totally rock out. It almost feels like there’s a song for every emotion. Killer songwriting from a true artist. “Chaotic Resolve” is Plumb at her very best.

4. Fall EP by Jon Foreman (2007) –

Cannot even tell you how hard it was to choose just one of Jon’s EP’s to talk about, they all mean so much to me. I chose “Fall” seeing as how it was the first EP of this amazing seasonal collection. I bought “Fall” on right at midnight when it released. I instantly fell head over heels in love with songs such as “The Cure For Pain”, “Lord, Save Me From Myself”, and “Southbound Train”. The acoustic/folk sound of these songs is so different from the music Jon writes in Switchfoot. It was really cool to get to see another side of his creativity in these EPs.

5. Room Noises by Eisley (2005) –

One of the most beautiful, whimsy, and slightly odd cds I’ve ever heard. My sister Cecily calls it a fairy cd because it just feels so magical. Songs like “Marvelous Things” and “Brightly Wound” made there way into my heart instantly.

6. Albertine by Brooke Fraser (2006) –

What can I say about this cd? The beautiful and thoughtful music of Brooke Fraser’s “Albertine” works it’s way into your heart and makes a permanent place there. Brookes’ willingness to be so honest and vulnerable is what makes her music so inspiring. “Shadowfeet” became my lifes anthem, and “Albertine” is a song that is thought provoking and convicting. An album with so much substance, “Albertine” leaves you with more than just great music, it leaves you with beauty and truth.

7. MuteMath by Mute Math (2006) –

With this cd Mute Math managed to create some of the most innovative and unique music in the Christian music scene. This cd was such a breath of fresh air. Songs such as “Chaos”, “Typical”, “Plan B”, and the instrumental,”Obsolete”, are some of my favorites. Mute Math’s self titled debut is a cd that has so many layers to it and is one of the most interesting and creative cds I’ve ever heard.

8. Sound Of Melodies by Leeland (2006 ) –

I’ll never forget the first time my sister and I heard title track “Sound Of Melodies” by Leeland, we were speechless. I don’t think we had ever heard worship music that was so passionate and creative. In fact, at that point, I’m not sure that we even believed it existed lol, as we were a bit skeptical of the “worship music movement” at that point. But we both felt the power of God in these songs. The passion in lead singer, Leeland Mooring’s voice is strongly felt on such songs as the powerful “Tears Of The Saints” and “Yes, You Have”. “Sound Of Melodies” stands out among the rest as soul stirring, heartfelt worship.

9. Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot (2009) –

The second Switchfoot cd that has made it on the list, I guess it’s obvious there’s a little bias here, huh? lol “Hello Hurricane” was my musical highlight of 2009. We Switchfoot fans had to wait two years to hear this cd and it was most definitley worth the wait. If I could have I would’ve bought a copy for everyone I know, because it’s just the kind of cd you should hear at least once. Songs such as “Always”, “Sing It Out”, and “The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues)” are breath taking, lyrically and musically. “Hello Hurricane” is a musical journey not to be missed.

10. (Tie) Woven And Spun (2002) and Brave (2005) by Nichole Nordeman

I just couldn’t choose and so I had no choice but to make this a tie. 🙂 Nichole has been one of my favorite artists since 1997. I have learned so much from her music over the years. Her songwriting is always so thought provoking and introspective, in fact the way she writes reminds me a lot of Jon Foreman. These are artists that write important songs that stay with you long after the song ends. I chose “Woven And Spun” because songs such as “Healed”, “I am” and “Mercies New”, even after all these years never fail to touch my heart, and remind of who Jesus is. It’s a cd that calls us back from all the questions and heaviness of life to just for a minute refocus on the holiness of God. I chose “Brave” because of songs such as “Real To Me”, “Lay It Down”, and “Crimson”. These are songs that ask real questions and inspire you to dig deep into truth. Both “Woven And Spun” and “Brave” have had such a huge influence on me.

Honorable Mentions:

1. “Beautiful Lumps Of Coal” by Plumb (2003)
2. “Smile, It’s The End Of The World” by Hawk Nelson (2006)
3. “Blue On Blue” by Leigh Nash (2006)
4. “Postcards” by Cindy Morgan (2006)
5. “Nothing Left To Lose” by Mat Kearney (2006)


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