Movie Review for “Sarah’s Choice”

I must admit I am always a little more than skeptical when it comes to Christian based films, after seeing so many with cheesy acting and little substance. But since I’ve been a fan of Christian artist Rebecca St. James, who plays the lead role of Sarah, ever since I was a kid I thought I would give this movie a shot. I was so pleasantly surprised to find that “Sarah’s Choice” was, in my opinion, the exception to the rule.

Sarah Collins (Rebecca St. James) is a woman with a bright future ahead of her. She works at a successful advertising agency and has a handsome boyfriend named Matt (Julian Bailey). Everything seems to be going smoothly in her life that is until she realizes she’s pregnant. Now Sarah faces the very hard choice to either keep her baby or have an abortion. Sarah meets a elderly woman in an elevator that tells her the Lord will give her three visions. Later that night she has her first vision. In these visions she gets to see what it would be like if she chooses to have her child. She sees her daughter as a baby, a child, and grown up with a baby of her own. All these events lead Sarah to make a very life changing decision.

I loved how the dialogue about abortion was very true to life in this film. Everything that they had her friend tell her as well as the nurse I felt were probably things that most girls facing this choice have heard. In one scene the nurse tells her that the fetus inside her is just a pre-human clump of cells. “Of course it’s alive but no more than a your tonsils or a wart. Would you let a wart ruin your life?” Her friend Megan (Andrea Logan White) has had an abortion herself and I think it’s interesting how at first we see her telling Sarah why she should make this choice as well. But is it just to mask her own pain? I was glad that they also go a little bit into her story. Letting us see from the perspective of someone who has made that choice.

Some people may think a Christian film about abortion might take a judgmental approach but that is not so with “Sarah’s Choice”. They truly deal with the issue with such grace and love. For instance, in one scene her mom and sister are talking about the possibility of Sarah choosing abortion, which her mom is completely against. Her mom asks “What will we do if Sarah has an abortion?” and Sarah’s sister says “Well then she’ll still my sister and she’ll still be your daughter and we’ll love her like we always have.” I loved that line. It spoke of so much unconditional love that I’m sure most women in that situation wish they could know.

None of the acting in this movie seemed cheesy or forced. Rebecca was so natural and believable in this role. Which is odd considering most singers turned actors tend to be, well not so good lol. In a scene towards the end where Sarah is crying telling God that she doesn’t know how to be a mother, and that she is still angry at Him for letting her father die, Rebecca made me believe that scene so much I was in tears. She has definitely become quite a good actress in my opinion. If this movie is any indication then maybe we will start to see more good quality films made by Christians.

“Sarah’s Choice” is a movie that speaks honestly about the issue of abortion but does so with so much mercy, grace, and love. It speaks of the love of a God who can heal women and men who have made that choice. And the love of a God that lets us know that with Him there is a better choice. The choice of life.

“Sarah’s Choice” is currently out on dvd for more info on where to get it go to


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