Album review for “The Silver Cord” by The Classic Crime

     I’ve been a fan of this Seattle based band since they first hit the scene back in 2005. Signed to Tooth and Nail records, The Classic Crime quickly became a label favorite and their debut album, “Albatross,” was highly praised. The band’s sophomore album, “The Silver Cord,” sits nicely in the number one spot on my list “Top 8 of 2008” because of the pure musicianship and talent this band possesses. Matt MacDonald was regarded as having the best vocals of the Tooth and Nail record label by a critic recently, and I have to agree. He possesses such range in his voice and the bellowing screams he lets loose will surely send chills up the spine. But don’t get me wrong, this band is not about the “emo-post-hardcore-whatever-you-want-to-call-it” scene. “The Silver Cord” is much more. The album contains rich guitar riffs, intricate drum work, haunting keyboards, and amazing vocals, which create a powerful atmosphere for each song. The lyrics deal with heavy subject matter and real-life situations, all the while maintaining a hopeful outlook and a strong faith. “The Silver Cord” refers to an image people see before they die and this album deals heavily with life and death – something which all of us are faced with, whether we choose to accept it or not.

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