Fall Books & Music List!

There is a feeling to Fall …. it feels whimsical, happy, and a bit mysterious. It has always been my favorite season! It’s so close to the holidays and not to mention my birthday is in the Fall! And after a long and hot Texas summer just the mere breeze of cooler weather is like heaven. When this time of year hits all of the sudden I want to listen to different music, read a fun & whimsy book, as well as bake and cook different things…things that fit the mood of the season. So below is a little list of music and books that make my Fall feel a little bit more warm and cozy! Hope you enjoy reading! 🙂

“Boo” by Rene Gutteridge

This quirky novel is one of my favorites and is a great read for this time of year!  Set in the fictional town of  Skary, Indiana, “Boo” is the story of Wolfe Boone (or Boo as he’s often referred to), a  horror novelist who made his tiny town famous with his scary stories. Even the local restaurant aptly named,  the Haunted Mansion, becomes a tourist trap serving up “bloody fingers” (fries splattered with ketchup). But when Boo finds God and stops writing the scary stories he’s best known for  chaos ensues. The towns people revolt and scheme to get him out of the church and back to writing horror stories once again. This book had me laughing out loud it’s just that funny! You’ll love the humor and wit of all the quirky and quite odd characters. Author, Rene Gutteridge, is so good at creating characters as well as a setting that transports you into that world. You feel Skary, Indiana is your town…and if you really are from a small town, like I am, you’ll find yourself relating that much more. “Boo” is the first book in this series, be sure to also check out; “Boo Who”, “Boo Hiss”, and the Christmas edition – “Boo Humbug”.  “Boo” is a funny and entertaining novel that is sure to warm up your season! 

To purchase “Boo” Click Here

My Fall Soundtrack ~

These are songs that either feel like Fall to me or simply remind me of the season! Hope you check some of these songs out and listen along with me! 🙂

1. We Mapped The World by Joy Williams
2. Just For Now by Imogen Heap
3. Moon Is A Magnet by Jon Foreman
4. Bitter Heart by Zee Avi
5. Dance Me to the End of Love  by Madeleine Peyroux
6. Mushaboom by Feist
7. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cutie
8. Rewind by Deas Vail
9. Southbound Train by Jon Foreman
10. Faithful by Brooke Fraser
11.Turn by Sarah Brendel
12. Forgiven by Relient K
13. Opposite Way by Leeland
14. Add To The Beauty by Sara Groves
15. Lover, Find Your Cover by Joy Williams
16. I’ve Got A Feeling by Ivy
17. Stars and Boulevards by Augustana
18. November  by Tristan Prettyman
19. Where The Colors Don’t Go by Sam Phillips
20. Smile by Grant Lee Phillips

“Subjects” by Judd & Maggie

“Subjects” by Judd & Maggie is an album that totally fits a mellow Fall day. Though it released in 2005 I just barely picked it up at my local Christian bookstore a few weeks ago. I had heard a song or two by this brother and sister duo but had never purchased any of their music, but I’m glad I finally did. Their sound is just what the season calls for!  My sister even stole this cd from me almost right away and fell in love with it!  “Subjects” is full of honest, heartfelt songwriting set to laid back acoustic/folk music, as well as Judd and Maggie’s warm and inviting vocals. Songs like “One Year Past 20”, “Perfectly”, and “Used To Love” are highlights. The beautiful acoustic/folk styling’s of Judd & Maggie feel like the perfect backdrop for a pretty Fall day.

To purchase “Subjects” by Judd & Maggie, Click Here


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