“Pure” by Rebecca St. James

Christian artist/author, Rebecca St. James, has long been known for her bold and outspoken stance on purity. I grew up listening to Rebecca and being inspired by her message. Still to this day, I look up to her as a good example of what a Godly woman should strive to be in this day and age. Over the years I have learned a lot from the wisdom she shares in her books, music, and her life. In “Pure – A 90-Day Devotional for the Mind, the Body, & the Spirit”, Rebecca takes her message of sexual purity and expands it to encompass all areas our lives that need purification. I loved the idea of a devotional that speaks on total purity of life. I really feel this is so needed! For us to get anything right in our lives it’s going to first take getting our hearts and minds in tune with God. Messages on sexual purity are so vital, however also tackling the purity of our hearts and minds will help us genuinely live out purity of our body. And that’s exactly what this 90 day devotional strives to help us do. “Pure” is divided up into three sections, and each section touches on so many different areas: Purity of Mind – which focuses on: God’s purpose, our worth, fear, searching for truth, letting God transform our mind, and guarding our mind. Purity of Body – focuses on: Sexual purity, setting boundaries, love & waiting on God’s best, marriage, forgiveness, pure speech, body image, and guarding our hearts. Purity of Spirit – focuses on: Hearing & submitting to God, getting through tough times, God’s plan vs. our plan, and living authentically. It’s a very easy read with each devotion being only a page or two long. Each devotion also has a “Reflection” where Rebecca shares her personal stories and thoughts, scripture verses in “Looking Further”, and suggestions for growth in “Living It Out”.

I can’t tell you how much I feel I’ve learned and grown because of the truth shared in this book. You feel like it takes you on a journey, and I enjoyed reading it everyday for 90 days. Here is what Rebecca had to say about living a life of purity, “Striving to live a pure life physically is itself a huge goal, but in addition, the way you turn over your fears and priorities to God, the way you forgive others, the way you think about every subject in your life-and your life to come-are also a part of living a pure life before our father.”  I know that some people may think that a book about purity might come off judgmental, but Rebecca handles this issue with such loving grace. She makes sure to talk about God’s forgiving nature and that it’s never too late to start living a pure life.

I would encourage you to pick up this devotional, read it, and see how God transforms you as you commit a life of purity to Him. We’ve all heard the message of sexual purity, many have tried to commit to it, but fallen. I can’t help but think maybe that’s because we haven’t committed to it first in our hearts and minds – where it must start.

“I am passionate about purity because it works. I am passionate about purity because it protects me-and my future husband and kids. I am passionate about purity because it’s romantic and beautiful. And I am passionate about purity because it makes my father smile. Many people think of being pure as an action-something they must do-rather than approaching it as something they can be.” – Rebecca St. James

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For more info on Rebecca go to: www.myspace.com/rebeccastjames


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