“The Time Has Come” by The Access

“We desire our music to be used as a tool to wake up, breathe life into a sleeping church and ignite a generation into action.”

 That is a quote from the Baytown, Tx band, The Access. It’s an idea that very much resonates with we here at The Waking, and really rings true on the songs of their passionate and worshipful debut cd entitled, “The Time Has Come”. The cd opens with a stirring intro aptly titled, “The Time Has Come“, which sets the tone for the cd very nicely, and leads into the pop/rock track, “Pressing On“. I really love the sound of lead singer, Justin Michaels’ voice. He has a great tone that gives the songs a rock edge. There are some really good stand out tracks to talk about on this cd, but there are two songs that I really want to highlight. Two songs in particular that touched my heart and made the cd something special to me. The powerful and heartfelt song “Broken,” just about brought me to tears. We’ve all felt broken at times in our lives and we have all been the characters in this song. The first verse speaks of a girl, “So full of emptiness, so broken up inside, can anyone hear her cries.” The song then tells us of a guy, “He’s confused and wishing he could live a new life. He doesn’t know who he is. Himself he cannot find.” The song deals so well with the fact that we all feel broken at times and the only one who can put us back together is God. “If you’re broken, He can put you back together./He’s reaching out His hand, my God understands if you’re broken.” The bands songwriting is truly at it’s best on this hopeful rock track. I don’t know if it’s a single for the band but it definitely should be. The second song is the anthemic power pop, “This Generation“. You can feel the power of God so strongly in this soul stirring song that speaks of a generation seeking after more. “A generation looking for a greater love. A generation hoping for a greater touch. A generation fighting for a life worth fighting for.” This song really showcases the bands passion to see the young people of today sold out for Christ. The last part of the song is a powerful declaration of taking back this generation for Christ, as they shout, “Now is the time and this is the place for God’s son’s and daughter’s to be brought from their graves…” A beautiful song of calling this generation to a higher standard and seeing God break the chains that have long held us down.

Other stand out tracks include ~ “I Remember When” – a song reminiscing about a life once consumed by Jesus. “Goodbye” – a song that speaks of leaving the past behind and moving forward. “True Love” – about once looking for love in the wrong places but now waiting on what God says love is. All of which have a solid pop/rock sound. The cd comes to a close with the outro entitled, “The Call“, which has the band singing “oh’s” to the backdrop of pretty yet haunting music. “The Call” is the perfect way to close this cd.

While I feel that there is room for the band to grow and dig a little deeper, I would definitely recommend checking out this cd. The Access fuses passionate worship with a pop/rock twist, and a message that calls people to a deeper relationship with God.

For more info on The Access go to: www.myspace.com/theaccessband


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