“We Mapped The World” by Joy Williams


Singer/songwriter Joy Williams has been busy making music and touring in the indie/folk duo, The Civil Wars, but Joy has also managed to release her own solo Eps. Her latest entitled, “We Mapped The World”, released in April. This 4 song Ep is filled with beautiful lyrics and sweeping melodies that truly captured my heart. It opens with the piano/pop title track, “We Mapped The World“. The music has a very flowing, airy vibe that is somewhat reminiscent of Regina Spektor, and maybe even Imogen Heap. “Did I find you or did you find me? Just an ordinary day made history. And we missed the train, didn’t know what else to do. So we mapped the world”. Definitely the most energetic and poppy song on the ep. “Tightrope” is a very soft and delicate piano tune about having the courage to step out and live life in spite of fear – “Here we go, around pass the edge, daring the tension of heights we dread. Will we fall or fly? We’ll never know if we don’t try.” Joy’s soaring voice and the rich instrumentation in the middle make this song magical. The first thing you notice about the song, “Woman of a City”, is the drums. The pounding percussion sets the tone for this mysterious and intriguing tune. Almost eerie in sound, it begs your attention and keeps it the whole way through.

But I must say I feel the true gem on this fabulous Ep is the beautiful, “Lover, Find Your Cover”. Let me tell you this song stole my heart! Chills, tears and all … yeah it probably wasn’t a pretty sight lol. But when a song does that to you it’s a sign of something really special. This piano ballad feels epic to me. The soft sound of the piano is beautiful but the instrument that really shines in this song is simply Joy’s voice. Which starts soft and builds with power in all the right places, you can feel the emotion in her voice. The lyrics draw you in and you can’t help but want to know more of what she’s talking about, “The best things always happen at night. The best things always happen when you’re not looking. It’s the little things that can go missing. The best things always happen in a moment. The best things, they even happen in a war. In the sunlight, in the dark night”. I love how in the middle of the song she repeats the line, “All of your secrets you don’t need them”. The line feels powerful and you feel it in your soul. I suppose I’ve done enough raving about it but you just have to hear it for yourself – the song and the whole Ep!

“We Mapped The World” is a digital only release which can be found on Itunes or Amazon. It may only be four songs but these songs are gems that are not to be missed. Also, don’t forget to check out Joy’s other Eps; “Songs from This”, “Songs from That”, and “One of Those Days”.

For more info on Joy and her music go to – http://www.myspace.com/joywilliamsmusic

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