Artist Feature on Lanae Hale

Singer/songwriter Lanae Hale, has become a new favorite of ours. Her acoustic guitar driven music with honest, and introspective lyrics drew us in right away. About a week ago Cecily and I were watching Check The Sound (which is a music show on Daystar), when we heard Lanae perform for the first time.

She performed a song called “Back And Forth” that immediately caught our attention. Even from the first verse we instantly felt connected to her music. The lyrics being so honest and her voice carrying so much vulnerability. Later on in the show we found out where so much of that vulnerability comes from, as she shared the testimony of her struggle with self injury. She shared openly and honestly about how cutting became her way of silencing the pain in her life and quickly spiraled into a three year addiction. She struggled with suicidal thoughts, and knew if she didn’t change her life, she was going to die. She shared that a verse of scripture in Psalms 1:47-3 which says,”He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.”, was the verse God used to free her of the addiction.

If you have ever struggled with an addiction to self injury or know someone who has, or if you have ever dealt with deep depression then I definitely recommend checking out Lanae Hale’s music, you will instantly feel the emotion in her songs as if they were written for you. Lanae’s honesty is refreshing, in a world where so often people, especially Christians, hide their addictions and struggles. With well thought out and emotional lyrics Lanae shows that it is okay to open up and talk unashamed about the things we hide, and the love of a God who saves us, heals our hearts, and binds up our wounds.

You can download for free Lanae Hale’s song “Back and Forth” on her website, where you can also buy her cd as well as read Lanae’s testimony.

Below is a video of Lanae performing her song “Back And Forth” ~

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