“Brokenhearted, Believe.”

I wanted to share something i wrote recently, it was inspired by watching the music video for Britt Nicole’s song “Believe”. It turned into a sort of letter to myself, and to you, a reminder that when pain comes you always have hope, for God makes all things new, you just have to believe. In this world believing in love in any form becomes hard to do, life knocks you down and leaves you jaded and tired. And yet, i desperately want to believe in God’s love. Everyone in this world has experienced a broken heart in someway, everyone has had their hopes crushed by life’s storms. And we need know that God has a purpose for us, that in spite of the dark skies looming over head, there is beautiful life giving sunshine in our future. People and life will fail you, but God will not, you can always count on Him to come through and to be there when no one else is.  If i could tell you all one thing it would be to just let go and believe in God’s love for you, it’s everlasting and oh so very, very strong.

“Brokenhearted, Believe”

Oh brokenhearted, believe in love again. Oh confused, start to see from God’s view. Oh desperate and seeking, lonely and bleeding, believe. Just believe, and hope, and rest, and receive…and never stop. Never forget, oh no, dear heart, don’t you ever, ever forget, that there is a reason for you. There is a reason. And there is a hope. There is love in the midst of pain. Imitations may come, and they may leave you in pieces, but know that real unconditional, never changing and everlasting love is right there with you, And His name is Abba, our Father. His name is Jehovah-raah, our shepherd. His name is Jehovah-shalom, our peace. His name is Jehovah-rophe, our healer. His name is God Almighty. His name is Love.


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