Cecily’s Top Concerts of ’09

Every Year there are always those special concerts that you attend, you know the ones that stick out in your mind and you can remember every detail? Well, 2009 was definitely a concert year filled with memorable and “i want to go back there and experience that again!” moments. So please read along as i reflect on my top concerts of 2009. And please feel free to let us know what concerts had you rockin out in ’09.

Cecily’s Top Concerts of 2009

1.The Hope Tour – Featuring Fireflight, Remedy Drive, and Abandon. November 2nd, 2009 at The Clarion, Lake Jackson, Texas

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The Hope Tour was one of the top three concerts i’ve ever been to. Seriously, it was just amazing. I’m not sure i can put into words how much that show meant to me. Fireflight, Remedy Drive and Abandon all blew me away with they way that they played, each band put so much heart and energy in their set. There was so much jumping and dancing going on. And yet, at the same time hands were in the air worshiping God, and people (including myself) were crying, it was beautiful. There was so much hope and happiness that night. My favorite songs of the night were Fireflight’s “Unbreakable”, Remedy Drive’s “Daylight” and Abandon’s “Atmosphere“. And i have to say that the most awesome moment of the show, and one of the best concert moments i have experienced, was when the members of Fireflight and Remedy Drive joined Abandon on stage and all played various drums during Abandon’s song “Atmosphere, it was epic! Getting to meet and talk with the band members after the show really just added to the fun, all the members of these three band are so very sweet and genuine.

The Hope Tour was a night that i needed so desperately, i needed a bit of hope and The Hope Tour gave that to me. It was an answered prayer for a little something to wake me up.

2.The Rock And Worship Road Show – Featuring MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson, Tenth Avenue North, and Addison Road. April 3rd, 2009 at The American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas

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(Pam,Krystal, and i all posing for a photo in front of the American Airlines Center before we got in line.)

Oh The Road Show, the gift that kept on giving haha…long story lol. The Road Show was such a fun and memorable night, i was there with Krys, our parents, and Pam, and it was so awesome to experience a show all together since we hadn’t done so since 2001. There was something about that night, there was a feeling that i still can’t describe. I remember watching Hawk Nelson play their song “One Little Miracle” and singing every lyric thinking to myself that something was happening, i could feel hope building in my soul. MercyMe along with Jeremy Camp created such a worshipful night, i felt the presence of God so strong during songs like MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine” and “Emmanuel” and Jeremy Camp’s cover of the worship chorus “Hallelujah”. All the band’s were so honest and said so many amazing things that night.

One last piece of advice; For the love of cats, beware of anyone passing out fliers lol. Or you know, maybe take the flier…you never know…i think you should just let His heart lead yours! ;p (that was a little inside joke for all the people who were at The Road Show that night and did in fact take the flier haha 😉

3. Faith Night with MercyMe – MercyMe and the Houston Astros. August 24th, 2009 at The Toyota Center, Houston, Texas.

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Let me just say i hate sports, and i really don’t like sitting down for 3 1/2 hours while a bunch of guys throw a ball around. But, i love live music, so when i heard that my friends church was going to see the Houston Astros and that MercyMe was playing before the game, i decided to overlook the sport aspect and tag along. I am so happy i did. MercyMe put on such a fun and beautiful show that day, the set was short, but it was full of worship and lots of bouncing and dancing. My favorite song they played that day was “It’s Gonna Be Alright“, i loved how they had the crowd sing the part “oooh, ooooh, you know it’s going to be alright” and how they added a little bit of the song “Here Comes The Sun” (which is one of my all-time favorite songs), it was so fun! Even if you don’t normally enjoy worship music, you should go see MercyMe at least once, they will win you over with their passion and musicianship, those guys can freaking play!

4.The Awake And Alive Tour – Featuring Skillet, Hawk Nelson, Decyfer Down, and The Letter Black. November 21st, 2009. at The Berry Center, Cypress, Texas

This show was all rock and roll baby! Oh yes, i had so much fun throwing my hair around and dancing, my fist was in the air almost the entire show, as was the same with the rest if the crowd. Skillet puts on the most fiery shows,literally, they had so many amazing explosions during their set! Hawk Nelson knows how to always make me dance and giggle, i always feel so happy and inspired after one of their shows, and this time was no different. The Letter Black and Decyfer Down also rocked that night, playing some incredible and inspiring rock anthems that i really needed to hear.

5.High Flight Society – February 25th, 2009 at Christ Is Life Church, Wharton, Texas

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I love High Flight Society. They are just an incredible band. This was our second time seeing them live, and it was even more amazing than the first. These guys are so honest and real, and they know how to freaking rock! They really get into the songs and are all over the stage, oh yes they play hard, yo! And they really get the crowd going! You will find yourself jumping and dancing right along with the band. That night they sang songs from their at the time unreleased EP “Par Avion“, and one song in particular, called “Oh Sister“, really caught my attention. It is a song about a destructive relationship that lead singer Jason’s sister was in, and the song is his plea for her to come home. Jason said some amazing things and gave some great advice before he played the song that night, things that i still to this day remind myself of.

6.The Red Airplanes – January 28th, 2009. at Faith Family Church, Victoria, Texas

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(My friend Damaris and i with The Red Airplanes)

The Red Airplanes was the first band we saw in 2009, and it was a great way to start off the year. These guys put on a wonderful show, the way they play is awesome! Their song “Fighter” is reason enough to go see them, it’s so powerful. And the band members themselves are the sweetest! Their drummer Mat gave me a free Vault! (i’m a Red Bull gal though, but i still accepted it because it was so sweet! lol.) I definitely want to see them again the next time they are in my area, and i recommend that you all do the same when they come to your city,yo!

Honorable mention

Rusty Reed – April 4th, 2009. Holiday Inn pool side patio, Dallas, Texas

Pam, and Krystal and i all met Rusty when we were staying at a Dallas hotel for the Rock and Worship Road Show,it was the day after the show and we had spent it exploring Dallas and getting cupcakes and Starbucks. After all that exploring and eating, we returned to our hotel (which was a Holiday Inn close to an airport lol) and went out to the pool to drink our coffee drinks (i had an iced Caramel Macchiato and Krys had an Java Chip Frap…i’m sure you all wanted to know that!) and write, that’s when Mr. Rusty Reed came out. He was in town to play a show that night and had some extra time and decided to play some songs for us. We were the only people out on the patio and we spent an hour or more laughing with Rusty, getting to know him and listening to him play Bob Marley covers and his version of “Oops I Did It Again” that we requested lol. He also played “Black Bird” by The Beatles, and i have to say that was one of the best moments of my life so far. It was so special to be sung that song with my favorite two people right next to me, as the breeze was blowing and the sun set. Those lyrics really touched me at that moment and i felt as if that moment was just for me, that God had sent this musician to serenade me with this beautiful song on that beautiful night. It was our own personal concert, and I’ll never forget it.

Below are the links to the reviews we did of some of the shows, plus an interview with musician Rusty Reed. Enjoy!

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List of artists/bands Krystal and i want to see in 2010:

Showbread (again)

Project 86

Mute Math


The Devil Wears Prada

Children 18:3

Falling Up


Imogen Heap

Flogging Molly

Tristan Prettyman


Plumb (again)

(the two below are a given lol)

Hawk Nelson



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