Our Favorite Hot Spots: Opening Bell Coffee & Society Bakery

So who doesn’t love road trips? And what’s better on a trip than to discover cool and unique places? In our many travels (or mini concert road trips rather) we have found some of the most adorable, cool, and freakin yummy places! A lot of times these places are your hole in the wall types, and are usually right under your nose, you just have to look and do some research. Krystal and i love to research the area we are going to and find different shops, bakeries, etc. to go to. It’s like an adventure, exploring all the different things a new city has to offer! So since we love telling people about the places we find, we thought that we would share a couple with you! This week we are focusing on two places, a coffee shop, and a bakery, that we found when we were in Dallas for The Rock And Worship Road Show this year, we hope you will read and than take it upon yourselves to visit these places when you’re in the Dallas area. Cheers!

Opening Bell Coffee

One place I (Krystal) wanted to visit in Dallas was a coffee shop I had heard about on Myspace a year ago called, Opening Bell Coffee. I must say, this cafe was one of my very favorite finds on any trip I’ve been on. We were planning to check it out during the last trip to the Road Show but didn’t get the chance, so I was really happy that we got to do a little exploring in Dallas the day after the concert this year and found Opening Bell. All of us girls were very taken by the cozy and artsy atmosphere of this cute cafe. Walking into the brick building, down the stairs, and seeing the inviting entrance just calls your name. Upon entering you’re greeted by pretty art on the walls, comfy sofas and tables, good music, and a friendly smile from the barista at the counter. I loved how right at the entrance there’s a rack of cds by indie artists, many of whom play shows at Opening Bell. Cecily and I are always very observant of the decor in cafes because it’s our dream to someday open one of our own. And we both thought the decor created the perfect atmosphere. In some ways reminding us of a cute antique shop, with a curio cabinet filled with trinkets, an old piano, and big clocks against the backdrop of a red wall. And an awesome stage in the corner for all the singer/songwriters that play shows there regularly.

But enough about the decor … lets talk coffee and food shall we? Okay I have to say right here and right now, in my very humble opinion, their coffee was just as good if not better than Starbucks. That’s right, you heard it here folks. 🙂 Cec and I shared an Iced Caramel Mocha, and she was very adamant that it beat Starbucks by miles. We also ordered some delish food and desserts. May I recommend the Chicken Salad? Very fresh and even a little spicy. Also, their Tuxedo Truffle Cake is quite heavenly! Needless to say after indulging in sandwiches, cake, and coffee, we were somewhat full but very happy! 🙂

Opening Bell Coffee is located in the basement of the Historic Sears Building, South Side on Lamar just south of downtown Dallas. If you’re in the area make sure you visit and enjoy all the very cool things they have to offer – great coffee, food & desserts, free wifi, board games, live music, Red Bull (Cec was glad to see it there ha!), and a great atmosphere!

Society Bakery

Society Bakery is a place that I found when I was looking up cupcake
bakeries in Dallas online (I do this every time I know I’m going to a
new city), and after seeing the reviews I knew I had to visit. The first
thing you notice about Society is the glorious case of precious cupcakes
and cookies, and petit fours! Their variety of flavor combinations is so
vast that you almost don’t know which flavor to pick…almost. My eyes
stumbled on a chocolate cupcake and peanut butter frosting combo, let me
tell you this was THE BEST peanut butter frosting I have EVER tasted! It
was so light and fluffy…it felt like a yummy pillow of peanut buttery
goodness! And the chocolate cake was very moist and light, not one bit
crumbly or dry, and it had a very fresh and lovely taste. Krystal and
Pam both shared a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, and they
both gave it rave reviews! My parents shared a banana cupcake and my dad
pretty much ate the entire thing himself lol, so it was also a win. And
their pretty tulip sugar cookies looked absolutely delectable with such
fluffy and colorful frosting, I can’t wait to go back and get one! 

The place is small and compact, but the quality is huge. Their cupcakes were really top notch, I’ve tasted cupcakes from a lot of bakeries, but Society was definitely one of the best. Society Bakery makes their frostings from scratch with no shortening, and their cookies are made with real butter (yeah baby!), so you know you are getting quality taste! And the cupcakes are huge (me likey!), and definitely enough for two people to share…but then again, why would you want to share something so good? lol. I also loved the fact that the employees are so sweet and inviting, you feel so comfortable and relaxed there. There are little tables set outside of the shop and they are just screaming for you to sit and have cupcakes with your close friends. One thing Society does have that not many places do is a signed photo from none other than…New Kids On The Block! And they are posing with a cake that Society Bakery made for them! Whoa! Now that’s cool yo! lol. 

The whole place is so cute and sweet looking. On the bakery’s “about us” on its website it states “We believe in being old fashioned, yet innovative. We believe in the neighborhood.”, and you can tell that is true. I feel so at home there, so happy and giddy, it feels cutesy and sweet…just what every bakery should feel like.

Society Bakery has two locations one at 3426  B Greenville Avenue in Dallas at the corner of Greenville & McCommas (located right next to Corner Market) And also at 7777 Forest Lane Suite A066 Inside Medical City Hospital Atrium A. I totally encourage you to check out Society Bakery the next time you are in Dallas, trust me, the yummy yummy awesome goodness will steal your  heart!  Society Bakery i love you!
For more info on these awesome places go to:


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