Review for “Campus Awakening Tour” – Jesus Culture

In early March i was visiting my cousins in Brenham,TX when their church decided to make the drive to Bryan/College Station to see Jesus Culture on their Campus Awakening Tour. I had never heard of Jesus Culture before, and was a bit weirded out by their name, yes, i can be a tad bit judgmental sometimes. But when the Jesus Culture band took the stage and started playing all my judgments went away, this band was for real. The worship band Jesus Culture originated out of Bethel Church in Redding California. You can see their powerful worship at Jesus Culture conferences all over the country. What most struck me about the band was their spirit, and how that radiated through them when they played, this band is on fire for God and they are not afraid to shout and sing to Him. That night the band played such songs as “Oh How He Loves Us“, “Where You Go i Go“, and “Fire Fall Down”. My favorite being “Oh How He Loves Us”, it was so moving and brought me to tears, The Holy Spirit was moving that night.  After the worship, speaker Erika Greve gave a inspiring talk and we heard testimonies from a few of the other speakers there that night, so powerful!

My favorite moment came at the end of service alter call, there were people spread out across the entire church praying and seeking God. People were dancing, shouting, crying, and some were on the floor praying for one another. The band kept playing as the praying went on, at one point they stopped singing and just played…it was like a jam session with Jesus! I was standing up next to my seat and i couldn’t help but groove along and worship, as the band played on the music took a almost reggae feel, so much groove and rhythm. I almost felt like i should be in a rock club instead of a church! lol that’s my kind of worship! The drums blew me away though, wow, i am a huge fan of drums and i was so impressed by the way the drummer (i don’t know his name) was playing. It was crazy intense, you could feel it running through you. By the end of the entire service i was exhausted, but so refreshed and light. God had spoken to me that night, and i left feeling so loved…ready to accept what my Jesus is offering me.

So friends, i encourage you to check out Jesus Culture for yourselves, if you want passionate heartfelt worship then they are the band to go to! And if you ever get the chance to check out a Jesus Culture event please, please do so, you will not leave the same. This band and ministry has a Godly anointing on them.

One of the songs that really stuck out to me that night was a song called “Your love Never Fails”,  the lyrics are so hopeful “You stay the same through the ages,Your love never changes. There maybe pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning”. Check out the video below to see the band performing the song.

For more info on Jesus Culture and Jesus Culture Music check out their websites


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