Review for “The Hope Tour” – Fireflight, Remedy Drive, Abandon (Part 1)

On November 2nd me (Cecily), Krystal, and Pam got the chance to attend The Hope Tour featuring Fireflight, Remedy Drive, and Abandon at the Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, Tx. We were already fans of all three bands, but had never seen any of them live. Well friends, let me just tell you that we were all blown away by the energy, musicianship, sincerity, and sheer awesomeness of all three bands.


Abandon opened the show. The first thing you notice about Abandon is that they sound just as awesome live if not more so than they do on cd. Lead singer, Josh, has such an incredible voice. His voice has been compared to the lead singer of The Killers Brandon Flowers, you can really hear that comparison. However, I personally think Josh’s voice is way more solid, strong, and powerful.

We are a bit fuzzy on the set list but one of the first songs they sang was their hit radio single “Hold On”. Seeing it performed live gave us such a fresh perspective of this song. The guys sang it with so much feeling, especially when it came to the bridge. When they sang the line “Does anybody care? Do they even see?”, you could really feel the emotion. They guys of Abandon perform with so much energy and passion, jumping and dancing all around the stage.

Next was the song “Atmosphere”. Which instantly reminded us of MuteMath – very melodic, very experimental. Being that it was the last night of tour, (and for those of you that don’t know, last night tour equals prank night!) during the last part of the song Fireflight and Remedy Drive, with drums in hand, crashed the stage and joined in for the rest of the song, furiously pounding and thrashing drums like there was no tomorrow. And what was intended to be a prank, ended up becoming one of the most epic live music moments we have experienced.

The energy, the flashing red lights, and the sound of all the various drums as Josh was singing the last part of the song was pretty intense, and everyone on stage and off could feel that this was something special. All the bands looked like they were having a blast! Dave – the drummer of Abandon, and Fee – the drummer of Fireflight were switching back and forth playing each others drums.  After the song ended Josh from Abandon told us that was the first time that has ever happened, we were part of history! lol. If these bands ever tour together again they so have to recreate this moment. Although maybe you can’t recreate a moment like that. Maybe that’s what makes it so special and memorable. We’ve seen a lot of great moments during live shows but that moment is definitely one we’ll probably rave about for some time to come.

The next song was “Safe In Your Arms”, before he started singing, lead singer Josh said “Sometimes when we’re going through things it’s not always easy to make out that second set of footprints in the sand, until we look back on it when it’s over and see that not only was he there but he was carrying us.” Such true words, i think that is something we all need to write down and read and re-read everyday.

“Safe In Your Arms” was one of my (Cecily) favorite songs Abandon did that night, it was very hope filled, once the dance beat of the chorus started you couldn’t help but dance and jump along and feel very uplifted, it was one i really got into that night lol. I think the entire band did too because they were jumping like crazy on this one haha.

After that song the band told everyone to get out of their seats and come up front. It felt way more like a show being really close to the stage. They then went into “Providence”. I (Krystal) love this song and thought it was even better live. Especially since everyone was at the front,  jumping around and getting into it. This song was filled with so much energy.

It soon came time for Abandon’s set to come to a close and we still wanted to hear more! I think we all became even bigger fans of the band after the show. Can’t think of a better band to start off a night filled great music. 

Right after Remedy Drive left the stage, a girl named Hillary came onstage and said she was a “Hope coach” for The Hopeline, a suicide prevention call center and website. She talked about how she herself had struggled with cutting and anorexia, and she talked about how there is hope and help for those who deal with the same thing, that you do not have to suffer alone. I admire Hillary for having the strength to openly admit her issues, and to turn it around and help others, she is a very brave woman.

Please check out, they have help available for you if you or anyone you know is struggling with suicide, depression, abuse, or any other issue you need to talk about. And call 1-800-394-HOPE  if you need to talk one on one with someone, they have trained phone coach’s who will help you. They are free and confidential. And if you are worried about calling, you can submit your number through a form on their website and they will call you. Please friends, don’t suffer alone, give The Hopeline a shot if you need help. We all need someone to talk to sometimes, so don’t be afraid, you are never alone. And you are always loved.

Remedy Drive was up next. Lead singer David Zach, begun their set by saying “Even if it’s just for an hour or two, let’s celebrate hope at the top of our lungs, just hope, just hope!”.  Then they opened with the appropriately tilted song “Hope”. I (Cecily) have to say that when David said those words I felt such a peace come over me, it was as if all of my troubles just washed off of me, and in that moment I made that vow with David to just celebrate hope.

Next song was “All Along”, which we could swear we’ve heard before on a commercial. For this one David sat at his piano and played and sang the song. He has a very distinctive, very beautiful voice. He has the kind of voice that sounds even more amazing live. Towards the end of the song, David stopped singing and said,

“So it’s definitely not rock and roll the we’re looking for is it? It’s something else that the world needs, there’s got to be something real. Something more than scars from broken dreams. Something bigger than the American dream, more permanent than the stuff that’s bought or sold, more substantial. I need it. I don’t have all the answers, I just play rock and roll, but I know that skin and bones wears out, just like this piano. But the human heart is crying out, it longs for something real, for something permanent. I heard that it’s coming, I heard it’s going to rip the sky open over Texas someday. And that’s the something that I’m waiting for, that’s the something”.

He then had everyone sing the chorus along with him. You could feel the emotion is his voice and see it in the way he moved when he was leading us in the chorus – “All along I was looking for something more. You’re so much more”. I think everyone was feeling it.

The very energetic song “Heartbeat” followed. This is one of my (Cecily) favorite Remedy Drive songs and I was anticipating it being played, so when I heard the familiar piano intro, I was instantly jazzed! They got the crowd to join in this one singing the “Oh’s” on the song. This was a really fun song to see live.

One thing about Remedy Drive is that they are just all over the place the entire time. David reminded me of Paul Meany from MuteMath the way he kept on running over to his piano and basically doing handstands on it. Or jumping up on top of it to sing part of a song. So entertaining. We have learned from bands like Remedy Drive a piano is very multipurpose, if you will.

Shortly after came the song that I think everyone was waiting for, their hit single “Daylight”. David opened the song by saying “Hold on when it hurts. Keep your eyes open to the east, cause redemption’s on the way. Daylight’s coming. Daylight, that’s what we came to sing about. That’s what we came for”. He then went to his piano and started playing an intro to Daylight. The lights were down and smoke flooded the stage. Then as the opening notes started coming from the piano and the lights went up, everyone in the audience went crazy. It was obvious this was THE song people were waiting to hear. You could feel the excitement as everyone sang along.

During the second verse, David came over to the side where we were standing and sang the line “The darkness must precede the dawn, wait with me love, till the sunrise. Wait, your night will soon fade out”, and as cheesy as it may sound, I (Cecily) felt like he was speaking directly to me. Telling me to wait for the morning, telling me that I won’t be waiting alone. I think we all need to feel that way sometimes, we all need someone to tell us that they will wait out the night right there with us. And as David sang that those words while looking right at me, I felt that God had given me that moment to remind me that I will never be alone. Thank you David, you’ll never know how much I needed that. In the bridge of the song he led us all out in the singing the lyrics “Hold on daylight is coming”.

Next thing we knew all of the guys of Abandon came out jumping and dancing all over the stage, motioning for the audience to jump along with them. The antics of prank night strike again lol! All the guys of Remedy Drive were laughing while continuing to sing and play the song. One of the Abandon guys ran and jumped on top of David’s piano while he was playing, and another one jumped off the drum set.

At one point when David finished playing the piano towards the end of the song he got up and ran after the guys of Abandon. It was so hilarious to watch both bands running after each other and dancing all over the stage! Everyone was into it! David then went back to his piano and pounded out the last notes of the song as Abandon exited the stage. The song and their set then came to a beautiful, intense, and dramatic close.

This song was incredibly moving, I (Cecily) could feel my soul being renewed as I sang the hopeful lyrics. To be honest, I was in tears during this song. I really needed to hear that “daylight is coming to break the dawn”, I needed to hear this song. I think I jumped like a crazy person during the last part of the song haha, but I felt too hopeful and happy to not jump. And I know everyone there felt the same way because they were all jumping too…not a single person in that place was sitting!

David went around to touch fans hands and then got on top of his piano and did one last jump as the lights went down. They left the stage to a very loud and energetic crowd applause.

Remedy Drive puts on a show that is not to be missed. There is a feeling you get when you see them, as soon as they walk on stage there is a spirit about them. A spirit of hope, and a spirit of peace. They show such true passion. They are true musicians who have a heart for God and his people.

(Please go to Part 2 for the continuation of this review, as well as photos!)

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