Review for The Rock And Worship Road Show 2010 – MercyMe,David Crowder,Family Force 5, etc. (Part 1)

Oh The Rock And Worship Road Show, what can we say? We love you!
Krystal, Pam, and i (Cecily) all went to the Rock and Worship Road Show
last year in Dallas and had such a wonderful time that when we heard the
Road Show was going to be back in Dallas again this year we instantly
knew we had to go! This year’s line up featured Sidewalk Prophets,
Remedy Drive, Fee, Francesca Battistelli, Family Force 5, David Crowder
and of course none other than MercyMe…yes, what a line up! And
for only $10 at the door! Pretty sweet eh? And yes, sweet the show was,
so let’s close this intro and get right to the great bands and awesome
details shall we?

We got to the venue late, right as the doors opened actually, and could
barely find a set…lucky we found some seats on the right side
lowers…around 8 or 9th row I believe, oh yeah!

Sidewalk Prophets was up first, the band started their set not long
after the doors opened, so you were lucky if you didn’t miss their set.
And miss it you wouldn’t want to since the band opened with the Michael
Jackson song “Man in The Mirror“, doing quite the great job on the
vocals! It was pretty sweet to hear someone sounds so good on such a
classic song, and the whole crowd ate it up! Sidewalk Prophets played a
short but sweet 3 song set that got the crowd ready for a night of fun!
Despite most seats not being filled yet, they had pretty good reception
from the crowd, people at the front of the stage were up and clapping
along. I didn’t know much of Sidewalk Prophets music before the show,
except that one song they play on the radio…yes, “The Words I Would Say
is the song i am talking about. This song got every person singing along
to the words “Be strong in the Lord, never give up hope. You’re going to
great things, I already know”
, everyone seemed to know the lyrics and
love the sweet song about the words you would tell a friend. When
singing this song I guess I imagined every lost friend I’ve had along
the way, and that’s why I have to say this was my favorite song by them,
it just had so much meaning for me.

Next up was some of our favorite guys, Remedy Drive. This was the second
time we’ve had the privilege of seeing them in concert and needless to
say, these guys just never disappoint! They opened with their newest
radio single, “Rescue”, which was a great way to start off their set.
Remedy Drive is a band that just feels like such a breath of fresh air.
They make the stage come alive. The energetic song, “Bring Me Back To
was a crowd favorite and got everyone singing along. Lead singer,
David Zac, is too fun to watch! He alternates banging out the tunes
passionately on the piano, running and jumping on the piano to sing, and
even doing head stands on the piano. Let’s just say, that piano gets a
lot of use in this band lol! “Something More” is a song with so much
feeling and it really comes through live. David sits at the piano for
this one and belts out the meaningful lyrics, “All along I was looking
for something more, you’re so much more”.
In middle of the song he stood
up and talked about what it means to him to live for “something more”. I
don’t remember exactly what he said but his very heartfelt words brought
home the message of the song. Then they had all of the crowd sing the
lines of the chorus. Last but not least was “Daylight”. This is the song
people were waiting to hear. As soon as the first few notes of the song
start to play, everyone is on their feet and singing along. The band
just rocks out all over the stage on this one, and you can tell they
have a blast playing it. The end of this song felt really epic as David
pounded out the last notes on the piano. My only complaint about their
set was that it was way too short, I wasn’t ready for them to leave the
stage! I don’t think we’ve ever seen a band who is so hopeful. They
always say how they want to sing their songs to celebrate hope. That’s
what their show feels like, hope in the form of beautiful lyrics and

was up next, their set was probably most like a worship service, you
felt as if you were in a church, not a huge arena. The band played “All
Because of Jesus”,
a favorite song of many, this song really got the
crowd going. The guys of Fee are excellent musicians as well as
vocalists, they sound even better live than they do on cd, we were
definitely impressed.They slowed it down a bit to play the very
beautiful and moving song “Everything Falls”, which had hands in the air
in worship. The lyrics of this song are so hopeful, the bridge is what
really got me saying “Sorrow will last for the night, but hope is rising
with the sun, it’s rising with the sun. There will be storms in this
life, but I know You have overcome, You have overcome
“, it was a very
encouraging thing to sing those lyrics that night. The energetic praise
band also played the undoubtedly one most popular song that Lead Singer
Steve Fee has written, since it has been recorded by many in the worship
scene, “We Shine (We Are The Redeemed)”. This song was one to remember!
The whole crowd was jumping and singing along with fists in the air
declaring “We are the redeemed. We are the ones who are free, and we
belong to Jesus”.
So fun to see young and old getting into and jumping
around on this anthemic song! It was a special moment, it felt like
praise baby! And, if I can just take a second and say that all the guys
had really great hair! lol. Okay, so I’ll admit I’m a sucker for band
hair haha, but really, props to the guys for having awesome hair! Fee is
really great at connecting with their crowd and delivers an energetic
and moving pop/rock worship set that will have you leaving a bigger fan
than your already were.

New-comer, Francesca Battistelli, was up next! She lit up the stage with
her sweet voice and pop sound. This was the first time we had seen
Francesca in concert and we instantly connected to her live show. She
opened with the energetic pop song, “Letting Go”. You notice right away
that her voice sounds flawless live. In my opinion even better, because
the bigness of her voice really comes through. “Free To Be Me” quickly
followed, with Francesca playing the guitar. This song is a favorite of
ours, and has special meaning for Cecily (she says it was the song that
got her through her 20th birthday last year). So we, along with the
whole crowd, were up on our feet dancing around, singing every word.
This was the one everyone seemed to know all the words to. Before she
started the song she mentioned how she wrote it after hitting someones
car … so I guess that explains the lyrics lol. “I’ve got a couple
dents in my fender, got a couple rips in my jeans. Try to put the pieces
together, but perfection is my enemy. On my own I’m so clumsy. But on
your shoulders I can see, I’m free to be me”.
It was kind of special for
us to hear this one live. One of the biggest highlights for us is when
Francesca sat at the piano and played a song that we’d never heard
before, the song is called “Beautiful, Beautiful”. This song and the
emotion that she sang it with just really got to us. We were sitting
down listening and I could just feel the presence of God in that song.
“Like sunlight burning at midnight, making my life something so
beautiful, beautiful. Mercy reaching to save me, all I need. You’re so
beautiful, beautiful”
. She sang those words with so much passion, there
was no way you couldn’t feel it. We all really connected to this song
and didn’t want it to end. She then went into the worship song, “Lead Me
To The Cross”
, on the guitar. The song felt very peaceful and
worshipful. She closed her set with the energetic and fun, “It’s Your
. I love how Francesca played both the piano and guitar during her
set. It showcased what a versatile artist she really is. She is an
artist that puts so much meaning into her music and every bit of it
comes through on stage.

The crowd jumped out of their seats when the crazy, energy machine that
is Family Force 5 finally out on stage. And make no mistake folks they
came on stage with a bang! They opened with the song “Country
, which was the first Family Force 5 song we ever heard, so we
were pretty thrilled! Almost everyone was screaming the lyrics at the
top of their lungs, “My mama raised me in the dirty south, a country
gentleman, so you best watch your mouth”
. Ah, so much sass in that song,
and the FF5 guys were in fine sass and party attitude form that night,
giving off the “i’m here to let show you what it’s all about” vibe. The
guys were dancing and jumping all over the stage and the energy was
contagious. By the end of the first song we were already breathless from
dancing and singing along. Some of the crowd looked they just didn’t
quite know what to make of FF5. Some looking hesitant to get up, “shake
it like earthquake and move their tail” (a FF5 reference I just couldn’t
resist, ha!). So after the song, Soul Glow told the crowd that they like
to “put parties on for Jesus”, and quote “So if this is not your thing,
go get popcorn” lol.  Next was the song FF5 might be known for most, oh
yes, “Love Addict”! By the time this song started almost everyone in the
crowd was dancing and singing along. This song was amazing live, I
cannot stress that enough. Everyone would throw their fist in the air
and scream, “hold up wait a minute, put a little love in it”. The rap
towards the end was super awesome, these guys have gots the skills! It
was crunk! ;p  The crazy fun song, “Radiator”, followed shortly after.
This is one of my (Krystal) favorites so I was so glad they sang it.
They had this drum machine on stage with them (which looked like as
jukebox if you ask me) but it looked pretty darn cool. “Earthquake” was
next, dear cats this song was like an earthquake, because the whole
crowd was shakin it down yo! My favorite part came during the cheer
style bridge “Boom, boom, you broke it down, you broke it down. So build
it up, build it up, build it up!”
, everyone was chanting it, hands
poised in the air. Sticking with the dance party theme “Get Your Back
Off The Wall”
was next. Now, this is one of my (Cecily) favorite songs
on FF5’s “Dance Or Die” cd, so i was pretty excited to hear it live! The
beginning of the song was a an treat as Soul Glow did a crazy and gritty
rock, head spinning scream (heck yeah!), and then went right into the
song. The moment was one to remember, hands in the air and bodies moving
to the music, the FF5 guys jumping around and doing some freakin awesome
guitar flips. This was a party baby! Oh yeah! I loved the outfits the
guys were wearing, each in a purple shirt and black pants, and Soul Glow
looked pretty spiffy with his black framed eye glasses and of course,
Hulk gloves! Yes, the FF5 guys put the style in stylish! They ended
their set with a fiery (no pun intended) rendition of “Fever”. It felt
as if you were in a dance club…a clean and Jesus focused dance club!
haha. The crowed was clapping and swinging along to the bridge, as Soul
Glow once again treated us to one of his crazy screams. They finished
the song with a bang “fever’s got me sweating and you know i’m burning
up”, as we all gasped for the breathe we lost from dancing so much! It
was the perfect ending to their amazing live show. Family Force 5 is a
live band that is not to be missed. They bring so much excitement and
energy that after they leave the stage you feel exhausted from singing
and dancing … but yet you’re so not ready to stop lol. They are
probably the most entertaining band you’ll ever see live. Family Force 5
truly does know how to throw one heck of a dance party! Even my parents
liked them (which we so didn’t expect). They found them really
entertaining and couldn’t stop watching the crazy show happening before
their eyes lol.

(Please go to  Part 2 for the continuation)

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