“The Rock And Worship Road Show 2010” (Part 2)


This was the first time any of us had ever seen David Crowder Band live; I had been told that David Crowder puts on quite the quirky and moving show, so I was definitely excited. And quirky and beautiful the show was. At one point Crowder announced that we were going to have a “hoe down” and proceeded to play “I Saw The Light” and then went into a favorite church hymn of mine “I’ll Fly Away”. It was so fun to hear those songs set to a country bluegrass theme, banjo included! I have to say people were sure getting into the “hoe down” part, young and old were busting out their best country moves…it got a bit scary at some points! Lol. Crowder didn’t just rock the “hoe down”, he also managed to play some of his most know hits such as “No One Like You”, “Oh, Happiness”, and “He Is Our King”. “Foreverandever” was a definite crowd favorite; David led the place in singing “I am yours, forever and ever and ever and ever”. The place was jumping on this one! And I really enjoyed hearing the bands whistles on the middle of the songs, these guys gots skills! lol. “Neverending” was another that the crowded got to participate in, singing the “La, la, la, la” parts after Crowder sang them first.

My favorite moment in David Crowder’s set was when they played “Oh, How He Loves Us”. This is one my favorite songs and I was anticipating hearing it. It was clear that this song was the most moving and emotional song of Crowder’s set, the entire arena had their hands lifted in worship. I couldn’t help but sway along to this beautiful song about how deeply God loves His people. You can feel your soul just bursting with love on the bridge “Heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss, and my heart turns violently inside of my chest. I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way…”.  It was one of the most beautiful moments of the night, and as I looked out over the crowd of thousands with their hands extended in the air, eyes closed, faces lifted toward the heavens, swaying to the Holy Spirit’s presence, I couldn’t help but wonder if this is what heaven will one day look like… an enormous sea of people worshiping the one and only God together. Halleluiah

Other songs in Crowder Bands set were “Everything Glorious”, and “Oh Praise Him”, both of which were so fun to hear live since pretty much everyone knew  the words to these songs and you could hear the whole crowding along. I loved how “Oh Praise Him” felt a bit mellow and dance if you will, the beat was perfect to move to. It also had a very peaceful feel, and everyone seemed to really connect. One thing I should mention is that these guys can frickin play! David Crowder’s vocals are even more wonderful and unique live, and dude can sure rock that keytar! And the band is top notice, from the guitar players to the drummer, this band really brings it! They even have a drum machine robot of sorts…pretty cool yo.

David Crowder Band is one act I would definitely recommend seeing live, their quirky personalities really shine through, making the night a fun and uplifting experience. And of course there is the moving worship atmosphere that Crowder brings with his beautiful songs. You will leave feeling lighter and more at peace because you just experienced a time of connecting with God.

It was now time of the headliners to take the stage, non other than
MercyMe my friends. They started their set off in a most awesome way;
The lights were down as the music started to play, in came the pound of
the drums and a single spotlight goes on as we hear lead singer Bart
Millard sing the words “You say you want a revolution”. Yes my friends,
MercyMe was singing a Beatles song! One word; epic. The rest of the band
members made their way on the stage, as Bart lead the crowd in singing
the line “You know it’s going to be alright”. And then, as the crowd was
singing along and clapping to the beat of the amazing drums, the full
band came exploding in as the lights flashed, and sparkly confetti
started falling from the ceiling! I love confetti!!! Geez MercyMe you
know how to set a mood, the whole place was now in a giddy celebratory
state of mind…it was awesome!
After their rendition of “Revolution”, the band proceeded to play their
songs “So Long Self”, “He Reigns”, and “God With Us”, the latter of
which is my (Cecily) favorite MercyMe song and has some special meaning
so i definitely was raising my hands along with everyone else in the
arena. The thing about MercyMe is that the show is never about them, the
focus is always on lifting praises up to God. I can always feel the
presence of God when i am at their shows, and i always seem to get crazy
emotional as well lol. “Word Of God Speak” was next, Bart started it out
by himself acapella, and it was so moving. “Word of God speak, would you
poor down like rain, washing my eyes to see your majesty. To be still
and know that you’re in this place, please let me stay at rest in your
such a peaceful song, it brought a calmness to the whole
place. Now no MercyMe show would be complete without hearing the song
that the band is most known for…“I Can Only Imagine”. Now i know what
you are thinking, this song is sooo ten years ago, but friends, let me
tell you this song never gets old to hear live. There is a passion and
intensity in it, that i think comes naturally when you really think
about the lyrics you are singing, you are singing a song about seeing
your King! That never gets tiring. The one moment i love during “I Can
Only Imagine” is right as the bridge starts, something bubbles inside of
you and everybody gets on their feet as we start to sing the words
“Surrounded by your glory, what will my heart fill? Will i dance for you
Jesus, are in awe of you be still?”.
It always leaves me breathless.
They followed aptly with the peaceful, “When I Finally Make It Home”.
After that the band said they were going to play us a few new tunes and
went into the song “Move”, which was MercyMe’s version of a dance song if
you will lol, and it worked! Who knew MercyMe could get down lol. I will
say that one little odd thing during “Move” was the appearance of a
dancing man on stage, why yes it was Mr. Lovewell himself! (if you don’t
know MercyMe has a new cd called “The Generous Mr. Lovewell”). And he
was dressed rather classy too, in a suit and tie, dancing his tail off
with a red balloon…sounds a bit odd, but it was quite entertaining and
fun to see! And while i’m talkin about “Mr. Lovewell’s” style, i have to
mention that the MercyMe guys were dressed very spiffy and classy
themselves, suites and red ties, Bart even wearing a sweet Fedora…very
nice guys!  The next song was another new one “All Of Creation”, and was
an instant favorite of mine (Cecily). The crowd got to chime in on this
one and they sounded splendid,  it was beautiful.

Towards the end of the night Bart addressed the crowd with some very
inspiring things, here’s what he had to say;

“If everything goes in one ear and out the other, i want you to remember
one thing. Some of you feel unlovable, that if someone really knew your
real heart that it would be too much. Jesus is so crazy in love with
you. People who have never darkened the door of a church, he loves you
the way you are. For the people who are in church all the time, your
halo will never been shiny enough to earn His grace. So i guess we’re
all in the same boat. We all need Jesus. It’s not about a list of rules
you have to follow, He’s inviting you into an intimate relationship with
Next, Bart led the crowd acaplla in singing the worship hymn “I Love You
and than stated that if we didn’t know the next song we need to go
to church more lol and he started to sing “Amazing Grace”. Now, here’s
where i (Cecily) got a bit emotional (like i hadn’t been emotional the
whole night lol), i will say that this show held a lot of personal
meaning for me, and i was there that night for many different reasons.
Both “I Love You Lord” and “Amazing Grace are very special songs to me,
and when the crowd sang the words to these beautiful songs, i was pretty
much a puddle lol. On the second verse of “Amazing Grace” Bart had just
the ladies sing, and then on the chorus just the guys…wow, powerful is
all i have to say! The girls sounded like a beautiful choir of angels,
and the guys sounded so strong and yet gentle. There’s something about
being in an arena with thousands of other people who are strangers to
you, yet not really, see you all have a connection, and you feel it. And
to sing acaplla, to hear each person’s voice colliding into one, singing
the words “Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like
to declare that you are all just relying on God’s grace….it’s so
peaceful. That’s really the only way i can describe that moment for me,
it was like a peaceful resolution to some things i needed peace for. It
was my declaration of letting go and healing, it was my “it’s okay”. I
felt the Holy Spirit so strong on both these timeless worship choruses,
my hands, and the hands of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ were
raised high in the air. This was worship. This was thankfulness. This
was peace. MercyMe then closed their praise focused set with the hymn
“How Great Thou Art”, and as the band left the stage the crowed kept the
song going on their own until it the last words were sung “Then sings my
soul, my Savior God to thee, how great thou art, how great thou art”


So as the night came to a close and we stood out on the street corner by the American Airlines Center waiting on our hotel shuttle, it was confirmed that our second time at The Rock And Worship Road Show was just as amazing as the first (minus the creepy dating site flyers…inside joke), and it most definitely won’t be the last. The Rock And Worship Road Show has now become somewhat of a tradition of ours, and you can bet we will be back next year when/if the tour makes another stop in the rockin city of Dallas. Thank you Rock And Worship Road Show for a beautiful and encouraging night of worship, it was just what we all needed.

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