Concert Review for High Flight Society

On the 25 of February Krystal and i went to see High Flight Society play at Christ Is Life Church in Wharton. It was our second time seeing them and actually the second time the guys played at the church (they were there in 07 with Rush of Fools and The Turning) and let me tell you guys it was just as amazing…no actually it was MORE amazing then last time.

The guys opened with “Time Is Running Out” which is the first track off their ‘07 self titled debut, what a way to start a show! Everyone was up and dancing around. I love the guitar on this song, it sounds great on the Cd, but LIVE it sounds insane! Jason’s voice really astonishes me, he really holds his notes, it’s top notch. They said they would soon be releasing an EP called Par Avion…they said they weren’t going to tell us what that meant we would have to go look it up ourselves lol. They said there will be 4 songs on the EP, 3 rock songs and one acoustic. The played all 4 songs that night which were all incredible, but the one that stood out the most to me was one called “Come on Sister“. For that song Jason picked up his acoustic guitar and the rest of the guys left the stage. Jason said he wrote the song about his sister when she was dating a guy that he and his family didn’t like and said everyone could see the guy was a dirt bag but his sister, and it because of that it messed up their family. He said that his sister is a good girl who had never done anything wrong and everyone loves her, but the guy she was dating manipulated her and she ended up moving out of their house, so he wrote this song to beg her to come home. It ended up that she came home before he got to play it for her and she doesn’t know the song exists yet lol. He said his advice to everyone is to be on the look out because a lot of guys seem like mister macho and they bring you flowers but they don’t care, they’re just trying to be with a pretty girl, so make sure that the guy is the exception before you get with him. He also said you should pray about it, he said his sister didn’t pray about it and knew it was wrong but did it anyway and that was her first mistake. He said that we don’t take this stuff seriously enough and should be taken seriously. I really love and respect what he said because it’s so true. The song was gorgeous, in fact it was so beautiful it made me tear up…the chorus says “Come on sister come back home you know you’ve been running for far too long ” and it really just reminded me of a friend. After the show i talked to Jason about the song, he said that they have only played it three times and no one ever really got it…personally, i think those people must have been nuts because there is no way that song can’t mean something to you. One thing i really love and respect is when Christian musicians speak on dating, especially when they’re guys, I mean come on if you see a Christian rocker telling you to be responsible with your heart you’re more likely to listen. And i think if more girls had their brothers and guy friends telling them these things and vice versa it would really make a difference. Think about guys and gals.

Anyway, they played two songs that they said they had released just for the fans and the songs were probably not going to be on any Cd. The songs were “Indecision” and “Sanctuary“. Before they played “Sanctuary” Jason talked about it and said that the song is about how no matter what you’ve done God will always take you back and forgive you. I really loved how much they talked and explained the songs before they sang them; i love hearing the stories behind the music. One of my favorite moments was probably when they sang the song “Get by“, i really fell in love with it. The lyrics are beautiful saying “Not alone We can still try down here We will get by down here Time will make things so much better” i really got chills when they played this one.

On a shallow note i loved what the guys were wearing; they have great style, nice and snazzy! I especially loved Michael’s outfit and thought it went really well with his hair. The band has such a way when they perform; TONS of energy. I love the little details, like from the way Jason moves and does this sort of head shake thing, to the way that Michael plays the guitar…just oh so rock ‘n roll. This band is all about the guitars, they really just wow you. There was this moment when Jason stopped singing and the guys continued to play; the guitars and drums along with John’s incredible bass skills created such an intense moment…that felt just mmmmm lol. I love those moments when you just feel so drawn into the music that you feel like your problems and all of the outside world just melts away,and HFS really accomplished that.

I want to take a moment to say how much i really loved the church…all the people at Christ is Life were very very sweet and made us feel incredibly comfortable. I really respect Church’s who’s congregation take the time to say hello, and after a very awkward experience with a certain church that shall remain nameless, it was very nice to have this church be different. They really represent what the Body of Christ should look like. But back to the band……

They closed with my favorite song of theirs “Sweet Redeemer“…dear Lord did they rock that one! It was insane! In fact i think my video of it came out kind of shaky because i was bouncing along so much, but i couldn’t help it i had to jump! It was a great closer. And as they were leaving the stage John held up his bass in one hand and made a fist with the other…it was quite a rock moment ha. And while I’m on the topic of John let me just say i loved his tattoos, they were pretty awesome.

The set was short, i wanted more lol, but it was indeed very very sweet. I can’t wait to see these guys again. Go check them out, and if they ever come near you go see them live, these guys are incredible musicians!

Sweet Redeemer


Come on Sister Pt.1

Come on Sister Pt.2

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