Review for the “Nothing And Everything Tour” – Red, Pillar, The Wedding, Me In Motion

On January 25th Cecily and I (Krystal) had the chance to see Red, Pillar, The Wedding, and Me In Motion in concert at the Riverside Convention Center in Victoria, Tx. With such an awesome lineup we knew we were in for a great show.

Me In Motion was up first. We had never heard any of their music before but we instantly loved their energetic, rock sound. The three piece band from Ohio really delivered and quickly got the crowd rolling. The guys told us to put our fists up in the air as they played the opening notes of their current radio single, “Losers”. The aggressive rock sound of the song and lead singer Seth Mosley’s (who by the way has a great style, just had to mention that) smooth vocals made this song a crowd favorite. Everyone was really into it. We don’t really remember much of the set list but some of the other songs they played were “Gotta Be Something”, and “Back To You”. They guys only played a 20 to 30 minute set but it was full of so much energy and heart. You can so tell these guys have a heart for God and for people, which really comes through in the way they engage the crowd. If you have the chance to see Me In Motion in concert take it! They definitely do not disappoint and you will leave their show a fan. We hope they come to our neck of the woods again sometime soon so we can experience more of their great live music.

Next on stage was The Wedding. The first thing you notice about this band is their raw performance style, these guys are crazy! Mics were being slung around and flips from lead singer Matt Shelton made the crowd go nuts! The band reminded me of Showbread in the way that they play hard and LOUD. The music was top notch, in the bands Myspace bio it simply says “We play rock and roll” and that could not be more true, The Wedding is real, pure, gritty rock and roll, and that showed in Victoria that night. The band played such songs as “The Last Stand” and “Bethlehem”,  the latter which was the stand out for me (Cecily). I remember the lyrics of “Bethlehem” being truly in your face powerful, while the music was hard and intense, the contrast between the music and lyrics is what really made the song electric, you felt this one in your bones. The Wedding is a very interactive band, jumping into the crowd and singing in faces of eager concert goers. At one point Matt climbed up onto the speaker right next to Krystal and sang from there, and making Krystal a part of the above mentioned by singing part of a song right in her face! haha oh freakin yeah, that’s what I’m talkin about yo! One thing I loved about the guys of The Wedding was all their awesome tattoos, I’m a huge fan of tattoos and piercings, so I loved when the band members came out covered in ink and piercings. It just adds to their distinct and unique style (one of the band members had a Showbread t-shirt on, just thought I’d mention that because it made me happy lol). With Matt Shelton’s crazy awesome screams, and blaring guitars, the band put on one of the best live shows, I had such a blast jumping and throwing my fist in the air to The Wedding’s music. The guitars and drums would not be denied, oh yes this was a rock show!

“Everybody with your fist raised high let me hear your battle cry tonight!” Oh yes, it was time for the power house rock band known as Pillar! We were so excited to finally see Pillar, we’ve been fans of their music for quite a few years now, and trust me they did not disappoint. The crowd went crazy as they came rocking out onstage. The song “Everything” was, in our opinion, even better live. I (Cecily) am not usually a big fan of this song but hearing it live really changed my mind. It felt gritty. Sweaty, messy, gritty rock n roll, that’s what Pillar brought with this song. The crowd that night was mixed and landed somewhere between excited and bored (not the bands fault by any means, some people just suck) but “Everything” got the whole crowd moving around, rawk fists in the air pounding to the beat. We can’t remember the order of the set list but one of our favorites was when they sang “Frontline”. We’ve been fans of this one for a while and it was so cool to hear it live. Everyone was screaming the anthemic lyrics with the band. This was the one everyone wanted to hear, as it was probably an old favorite for a lot of people. And there was so much energy in the air. Lead singer Rob Beckley’s screams in the middle of the song blew the roof of the place! Very strong and deep, his screams became anticipated and greatly received throughout the night. In the middle of their set they said they were going to do a cover song that a lot people probably know called “Shine” by Collective Soul, which garnered cheers from the crowd. The band sounded great on this song and really did it justice. It was a lot of fun to see everyone, even the people who didn’t know Pillar all that well, sing along to this one. Shortly after they played a song called “Secrets And Regrets”. We had never heard this song before but the lyrics are very impactful, “Your secrets and regrets are keeping you from going very far. And you can’t let all this get you down and keep you living in the dark. ‘Cause all you’re looking for is love. You’re living in the dark.” Before they sang, Rob talked a little about the meaning of the song, here’s some of what he had to say:

“This is a song about the things we try to cover up, we try to hid, we try to not let anybody know about. And when you start doing that it tends to build up this regret, and these things in life that we just start having this black cloud, we feel like junk all the time, we’re doing everything we can to cover it up. And i just want everybody in this room to know tonight that no matter what it is that you’re going through, no matter what it is you’re trying to cover up, no matter what it is that’s hurting inside or whatever, who it is you’re trying to blame, that you guys can be free here in this place tonight, anywhere. If you just take this time and just this one second of your life to acknowledge the grace and the love of Jesus Christ, who will set you guys free from all that junk. And i speak from experience because I’ve been in some dark places in my life. So this is a song about letting go of that junk, it’s called “Secrets”.”

A very moving song that seems to be the theme of their tour. The guys played this song with so much passion. Next was a Pillar song that has been our favorite for years now, “You Can’t Bring Me Down”. Oh yeah! This is another one that was so amazing to finally hear live. The guys just rocked out on this song. Noah killing it on the guitar while throwing his dreads all over as he played.

It felt so empowering to be screaming these lyrics with a room full of people, “You can’t bring me down, do you hear what I’m trying to say?” I think everyone was amped about this one. It was a moment that really stuck with us as it was even more amazing live. Some of the other songs they sang were “For The Love Of The Game” – loved hearing everyone shout the chorus of this one, I (Cecily) quite liked shouting it myself, “Fireproof” – So fun and energetic, still can’t get it out of my head, and “Whatever It Takes”. Pillar puts on such a killer live show that will undoubtedly get you throwing your fist in the air and singing right along with them. They also have songs with so much substance that give you something to take with you when the show is over. I sincerely hope you all get the chance to rock out with this awesome band.

It was then time for headliners Red to take the stage. Needless to say the crowd went crazy! The Red fans were in the house that night. The first thing you notice about Red is that they sound just as great if not better live. Lead singer Mike Barnes’ voice is truly seamless and really holds up on all the powerful notes he belts out. There were three platforms set up on stage which added an element of drama to their performance, the guys often jumping on them to sing or interact with the audience. Our favorite songs of the night were: “Let Go” – this song is even more powerful live. You can just feel it in your bones as they scream “Let Go!”. One of our favorite parts is in the bridge where Mike sings “You can’t have me anymore.”  It’s so amazing and freeing to be repeating this line over and over. You can hear the emotion in his voice as he sings this song of breaking the chains. At the end of song the band led the crowd in screaming “just let go!”, which for me (Cecily) meant so much that night. If you have ever been chained by something in your life (and i think we all have been at one point or another) then you would know how great it would be to just scream “let go” at the top of your lungs in a sea of people all doing the same thing…as cheesy as it may be, during that part of the song when we were shouting “let go”, i looked around the room and couldn’t help but wonder what the other people in the crowd were wanting to let go of, what issue in their life they were shouting at…i definitely knew mine.

In the middle of their set they exited the stage as all the lights went down and really dramatic piano music played for a about a minute. Then with the lights still down we heard Mike’s voice say “Hey Texas turn around we’re right behind you”. Everyone turned around to see a spotlight on him and one of the other guys playing acoustic guitar right in the middle of the crowd. They then went into the song “Pieces”. This was such a soft and beautiful song. The atmosphere in that place quickly turned worshipful, as people started raising their hands, closing their eyes, and singing the lyrics to God – “Then I’ll see your face I know I’m finally yours. I find everything I thought I lost before You call my name I come to you in pieces so you can make me whole.” Mike’s voice sounded so strong and beautiful on this one. After “Pieces” drummer Hayden Lamb treated us to one heck of a drum solo. This guy can freaking play! The solo, which went on about 4 minuets, got the crowd fired up and jamming. Yes, Mr. Lamb (who has awesome hair by the way) had us all dancing as he slammed away to beats such as Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” and, my (Cecily) favorite, Usher’s “Yeah”. What a sight to see! Hayden is a maniac on the drums, and with the crowd feeding off his energy and vice verses,  that 4 minuets was electric!

We were so beyond excited to finally get to hear “Breathe Into Me” live as this was the first Red song we had ever heard. It was the song that I (Krystal) had been waiting to hear that night. They guys sang this song with so much passion and even from the first few notes, the crowd was going crazy. Everyone seemed to know all the words and were screaming them back to the band. The guy’s screams were pretty crazy awesome on this one, especially at the end when they repeat “Breathe into me!“. Speaking of crazy awesome screams “Death Of Me” was one song that Red brought out the powerful gut wrenching screams. The band chose this song as their closer (before coming back for an encore), and it could not have been a better fit, “Death Of Me” was one of the most EPIC and intense songs I’ve heard live! In the bridge of the song Mike went over to the guitarist and got in his face, pulled him close and sang “I won’t forget“, and then put the mic in the guitarists’s face as he screamed “I’ll never forget“. I loved the dramatic and almost theatrical way they went back and forth with those lines. The song came to a close with Mike on one of the platforms leading the crowd in the “Oh’s”, everyone was singing at the top of their lungs and screaming “You’ll be the death of me” back to the band. Incredible live music moment. Some of the other songs that made an appearance that night were “Never Be The Same”, “Nothing And Everything”, “Already Over”, and “Forever”.

 Red truly puts on the most killer live show. They are constantly running and jumping all over the stage. And may we mention the eye liner or guy liner rather is pretty awesome ;). Their lighting, instrumental intros as well as the way they perform the songs almost gives their show a theatrical kind of feel, in some ways even reminding us of Showbread. But Red has a unique rock show all their own that is definitely not to be missed.

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