Feature on new Indie/Folk duo, The Civil Wars

I have tweeted about this song, I have “favorited” and rated the music video on youtube….and when the EP released, I bought the song on Amazon. So now I suppose it’s time for me to blog about it as well. The song I can’t stop talking about, the one I’ve been listening to non stop is “Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars. If you’ve heard this song then you understand why I’m so crazy about it. This song sums up exactly why I’ve become such a huge fan of this talented duo.

The Civil Wars consists of singer/songwriter, Joy Williams and newcomer, John Paul White. I’ve been a fan of Joy Williams since I was a teenager, and it’s really exciting to hear how much she’s changed and progressed musically through out the years. Not only does she have The Civil Wars, but she also has her own solo music, as well as songwriting for other artists. I don’t know much about John Paul White, other than that he has such a beautiful voice… and he looks strikingly like Johnny Depp (watch the music video below, you’ll see what I mean). In an interview I read recently, Joy said that she met John while in France last year. He was playing on a street corner at a Parisian circus, right by the flame throwers. Joy said she heard the most amazing voice as she was walking down the street. She went over to tell him, in French, how beautiful his music was, and she was surprised when he answered her back with a southern drawl. Thus began a friendship that would turn into the beautiful Indie/Folk sounds of The Civil Wars.

Their song “Poison & Wine” is garnering attention fast as it was just featured in a recent episode of the hit tv show, “Grey’s Anatomy”. But please, don’t let that stop you from giving it a chance. ;p I was so blown away the first time I heard this song. It starts off with soft piano as John sings the line “You only know what I want you to.”, Joy’s pristine voice follows, “I know everything you don’t want me to”. Joy and John’s voices blend together like a perfect sounding instrument, it really drives home the emotion of the song.

With heartbreaking lyrics such as “I don’t love you but I always will”, and beautiful music (John on guitar, Joy on piano) make The Civil Wars an unforgettable combination.

Below is the music video for “Poison & Wine”. It has to be one of the most visually lovely videos I’ve seen in a long time. Check it out. And don’t forget to check out The Civil Wars at www.myspace.com/thecivilwars

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