“My Rescue”

This week I wanted to share with you guys a poem I wrote a few months ago called “My Rescue”. Sometimes in life, because of pain and fear, you can start to feel stranded and all alone. Have you ever felt that way? Even as child of God I’ve often found myself feeling like an unknown castaway to him. Like I’m drowning and he doesn’t even see it. Or if he does see it he just has better things to do. For some reason, that sometimes I don’t even fully understand, my heart mistrusts him. Yet I know that He is worthy my trust. It’s easy when you’re in the midst of a storm to blame him instead of crying out to be rescued. But I have found him to be so faithful in the midst of my storms. Calling out to him and letting him rescue me has been the only way I have come through the ugliest of storms. And somehow, I find the storms refining me and drawing me closer and closer to him.

                                        My Rescue
The oceans tide has brought me to a dark and lonely shore. A deserted, sandy place where hope is no more. Is this the end of me? A victim of the storms fury. No, I can’t even see one foot in front of my face, for love has battered and destroyed this place. Walking through the left over remains of what seems to be a hurricane.

Oh this is not a home, no, this is a war zone. We, amongst the debris, are castaways of our own humanity.

God, how can I look at this awful scene and trust you? It makes you appear to be oh so cruel and mean. For you created the very wind and rain that caused all this mess and all this pain.

So here am I, stranded and abandoned, calling out to be rescued tonight. I scream at the top of my lungs, and jump up and down to get your attention. Oh if I forgot to mention, I need you! And though I have my doubts and though I have my fears, you take my hand and pull me out of here.

The oceans tide has somehow brought me closer to you. In the midst of the wind and waves, you carried me through. You were and always will be my rescue.

(C) Krystal Celeste


About Krystal Rodriguez

Follower of Christ. Twenty-something from Texas. Blogger. Baker. Music addict. Night owl. Chocoholic. Lover of all things creative. You can find me blogging here: https://thewakingezine.wordpress.com and here: http://softlyspokensimplysaid.blogspot.com :)
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