“Selling More Than Jeans: To Zip or Unzip, That Is the Question”

A few nights ago I was watching tv and a commercial came on advertizing Levi’s 5o1 Jeans. Now I’ve seen a lot of jeans commercials over the years but never one that before I knew it was advertizing jeans… I was sure it was advertizing condoms.

So here’s the premise, a girl suductively walks up the stairs of her apartment building with her jeans unzipped and a guy following close behind her. She reaches her apartment door and for some reason she can’t get in. So they go up in an elevator, their kissing and he unzips his jeans. They get to a room and she asks him if he has “anything” , he says yes,(thus the reason I assumed it was about condoms) so they both start fully undressing. Then they flash “Levi’s 501 Jeans” across the screen.

At that moment I just felt totally inferriated! All I could think was, “All that to advertize a pair of jeans?” I mean you come to expect that from a movie or tv show, but from a commercial? It’s things like that that make me feel totally disgusted with this culture. Since when did commercials become so PG-13 anyway? You just have to ask, what  kind of culture do we live in when no one thinks a second thought about companies using sex to sell you clothing, or to sell your children clothing? And it’s done everyday, it’s nothing new. It’s just becoming worse and worse. And our generation is falling prey to it day after day. Seriously, what’s the purpose of showing two people about to sleep together to sell jeans? Ah yes, the eternal question springs up again doesn’t it? Can companies like Levi’s and Victorias Secret not come up with any other ideas to sell their products? But these companies know exactly what their doing and exactly who their targeting. Don’t think for one second that they don’t have their agendas here.

Not only commercials but channels such as MTV, who claim to “own this generation”, they know exactly how to push their agendas on you and you may not even be aware it’s happening. They don’t care if their agendas are destroying your heart and your mind. They have set out to shape our culture and it seems like they are doing a bang up job at it. It seems like turning on the tv now a days is just one assult on our faith and morals after another. When it comes to the point where commercials are even sexual in nature it’s gone way too far. We live in such a sex saturated culture and we are  paying the price for it.

A few days ago I was at a church service and the preacher was speaking on some of these same issues. He said that we need to take our rightous mind back. He talked about how if we don’t have a biblical worldview then we will not be prepared to handle all the views this world is throwing at us. I couldn’t agree more. If we’re not grounded in biblical truth than we’re not going to stand a chance against the lies of this world. Sometimes it can be easy to buy into some of the lies, but we have to hold fast to the truths of God’s word and not conform. Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform to the patterens of this world  but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” How do we renew our minds in a world that tries so hard to to destroy our minds?

I think it starts with not just filling our minds, but most importantly our hearts with God’s word. We have to take on the mind of Christ, not the mind of this world, of culture, of media. That’s the only way we will recognize a lie for what it is. Secondly, how can we renew our minds if we keep filling it with the same junk as before? Maybe it’s time for us to be more wise about the tv and movies we watch, the music we listen to, and the things we read. You may not realize it but what you put into your mind gets into your heart very quickly. These are things I’m still everyday trying to get right. Sometimes I fail, but I’m trying. 

I think it’s time for us to get sick and tired of seeing people be destroyed by an “anything goes” culture. The lies are thrown left and right and if we aren’t prepared we’re going to fall into these traps. Tv and movies already have tons of kids thinking sex before marriage is no big deal and that same sex relationships are the norm. Oh and by the way “Cussing is no big deal, everyone talks that way, just watch the movie.” Not to mention the ever popular lie that says “All religions lead to heaven, there isn’t just one way.”

I find the older I get truth becomes more and more of a treasure to me. It’s worth searching for and digging for. It may be hidden but it’s there, just waiting for you to discover it. It’s time for us to take back our rightous minds and spread the eternal truths of Jesus Christ to a world that despertly needs to hear it.

Below are lyrics to the song “Easier Than Love” by Switchfoot. I tend to have a habit of relating Switchfoot lyrics or quotes to different conversations I have. I think this becomes a slight annoyance to certain people (namely my sister) lol but I thought these lyrics really went well with this topic. They are really strong and outspoken lyrics. It’s one of my ‘foot favorites.

Easier Than Love by Switchfoot

Sex is currency
She sells cars, she sells magazines
Addictive, bittersweet, clap your hands
With the hopeless nicotines

Everyone’s a lost romantic
Since our love became a kissing show
Everyone’s a Casanova
Come and pass me the mistletoe
Everyone’s been scared to death of dying here alone

She is easier than love, is easier than life.
It’s easier to fake and smile and bribe
It’s easier to leave. It’s easier to lie.
It’s harder to face ourselves at night, feeling alone
What have we done, what is the monster we’ve become
Where is my soul

Sex is industry, the CEO of corporate policy
Skin deep ministry, suburban youth, hail your so called liberty
Every advertising antic our banner waves with a neon glow
War and love become pedantic, we wage love with a mistletoe

Everyone’s been scared to death of
Everyone’s been scared to death of
Everyone’s been scared to death of dying here alone

Sex is easier than love. It’s easier than life.
It’s easier to fake and smile and bribe
It’s easier to leave. It’s easier to lie.
It’s harder to face ourselves at night, feeling alone
What have we done, what is the monster we’ve become
Where is my soul (Where is my soul)
Where is my soul

About Krystal Rodriguez

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