The Rock & Worship Roadshow – MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson, ect. (2009)

Hawk Nelson, 19,000 people, cupcakes, killer traffic, being serenaded by a cool musician – all a part of our fun and very random weekend in Dallas at the Rock and Worship Show.

Departure, 6:30a.m (supposed to leave at 4a.m so typical!). Pick up Pam in Victoria at 7:45-ish. Arrive in Dallas at 2:30pm. By the time we got to the American Airline Center it was around 2:30/3pm, the line had already formed to approximately 100 people or more. For around 3 hours our butts froze on the chilly sidewalk, while our skin roasted in the hot sun waiting in line. (Unfortunately none of us even got a tan!)

About an hour after we we’re waiting we spotted some very hot guys-turned out it was our favorite guys Hawk Nelson walking down the sidewalk across the street. It was Daniel, Justin, and Jonathan – however it seemed we were the only ones who even noticed them. (By the way, Jonathan’s hair looked awesome, and Dan’s t-shirt rocked)

So when they finally opened the door we realized that being in line that whole time really did no good. Everyone stepped out of line and kind of just crowded around the door, even people who had just arrived, leaving the ones way in back who had been waiting in line to wait even longer. They all just ran inside. So when we walked into the concert area we realized we were already on the second level, not the floor where we wanted to be. Thus began the long journey down the stairs,then up the stairs, then down,then up, cramp, then down, finally ending up in the lower seats on the side of the stage. Out of breath we finally took our seats and rested…till someone came and asked up to get up and move….twice. The lady who ended up sitting next to Pam leaned over and whispered “Don’t worry we can still throw our panties on stage from here!” (Insert Pam’s uncomfortable laughter here…awwwkwaarrd!!)

While we were waiting for the show to start we got treated to some very funny MercyMe videos. One video had them singing their version of “Thriller” ( oh we even got to check out their Michael Jackson dance moves!), and another one of “Eye of the Tiger”  w/one of the guys dressed up like a tiger dancing about in the background…grrrr…yes ladies and gentlemen these are men of many talents!.

Afterwards, they introduced Rebecca, Rachael, and Jonathan Lamb from Daystar’s “Check the Sound”, who informed us that we were being filmed for live tv-ahhhhhh. They actually had us practice screaming for the bands, but something tells me that we’d have  screamed a lot louder if the bands had actually come out on stage at that time. So then Mr. Bart Millard, woot woot, came out on stage and thanked/welcomed everyone to the show. He continued to talk about the cause the tour was supporting. It’s a organization called Imagine a Cure that was started for his son that has juvenile diabetes. He said that one day he was talking to his son, and he was mentioning different ways to try and help him, and his son replied “aren’t there people out there sicker than me?” That’s when the whole organization Imagine a Cure came about, which we thought was amazing. ( It’s great to go to a concert that supports such an important cause.

Show Time!!! Oh yes, the anticipation was over! 

First out, Addison Road:

They started out with “All that Matters”, Jenny is a great vocalist who sounds even better live. And she looked so adorable with her pregnant belly. After the song they welcomed everyone and said they were glad to be there. She also said that she was about to go into labor cause her contractions had started (woah). What a trooper eh? Next, they sang “Sticking with You”, which got everyone really energetic.They slowed it down a little bit with the last song, current radio hit, “Hope Now”. That’s the one we were most exciting about hearing, and it didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately they only had a really short set – we  wanted more! 🙂

Next up: Tenth Avenue North:

They started the set with “Love is Here”, this song was even better live! These guys  have really great energy. The lead singer,  Mike Donehey, was running all over the stage really getting into it! “Hold My heart” was probably one of the most powerful songs of their set. The lyrics are so broken yet hopeful and they really performed it that way. When they sang their song “Break Me Down” they told the crowd to sing along to the chorus “I’m yours tonight”.  It was very a worshipful song. That’s one thing you notice right away about this band, they have a passion for worship.The last song they played  was “By Your Side”,which was a perfect ending to their really good but way too short set. If you ever get a chance to see these guys, definitely go!

Bart came back on stage to announce the guys and joked that they were thinking of renaming the tour “The Hawk Show”. As soon as he said Hawk Nelson everyone was up on their feet. All the lights were out as the music played the “we will rock you” beat. The crowd started going crazy and clapping along. Smoke started shooting up from the stage as the guys walked out, and  immediately went into “You Have What I Need”. The guys really brought out all the stops this time and everyone really felt the energy. Next,was one of our favorites “Bring ‘Em Out”. Everyone was singing along,as we all threw our fists in the air! This song had EVERYONE dancing around ,including this 50yr. old lady next to Pam who was practically doing the running man over her lol!

Following that was “The Show”.  You could really hear Jonathan’s pretty background vocals (and he was so animated we  loved his rock faces!). Daniel kept going from the front of the stage to the back, because there were people every which way and he was trying to entertain them all. Next, they slowed it down a little bit. Before the song started Jason said,

“There is a reason  we are here tonight,and its to tell you that we are truly,madly,deeply in love with Jesus..He’s changed my  life, he’s changed our lives, all of us on this stage, he’s changed our lives. And I promise you this,he will change your life  too. All you have to do is ask him. Once I gave everything up, and decided to follow him, I’ve  never looked back, and he’s never turned his back on me. And I don’t deserve that.This songs called “One Little Miracle”.

Right after “One Little Miracle”, they went into “Everything You Ever Wanted”.  Jason asked everyone to wave their cellphones around, lighting up the whole place. Jonathan sounded gorgeous on the high notes, it really complimented the song. Cecily said it was smooth and creamy like Krystal’s chocolate frosting…mmm frosting. Immediately following was “Friend Like That”, which makes us think of the little cartoon monsters….err and friends like that. Afterwards, they treated us to a new song called “Live Life Loud”. It was freakin’ awesome! To all the Hawk fans,YOUR GOING TO LOVE IT! If you haven’t heard the song you need to catch the show cause the song is insane! It’s very energetic – very Hawk,  if the new cd is anything like this song its going to be amazing.

Last but not least was “Let’s Dance”, and boy did we! Jason seemed to get into this one the most, even going out into the audience. In the middle of the song when Jason went into the audience Daniel went and got the smoke gun thingy (only way we can think to describe it) and started chasing Jonathan with it.That song got everyone so hyper and riled up, and it was one of those that you never wanted to end. At the very end, Jason was spraying everyone with the smoke gun thingy as the pyrotechnics were going off, crazy lights flashing, as it came to the big finish! WOOOOOSH…siiiggghh…I’m tired.The guys left the stage to thousands of screaming fans.

Here comes the man: Jeremy Camp:
Now by this time we were already dizzy and our brains were mush – so forgive us if we don’t remember the exact set list of Jeremy Camp. He sang “Give You Glory”, which really brought in a worshipful mood. “Lay Down My Pride” was a favorite of the crowd  and got everyone jumping .And might we add, he’s quite the looker  ;)…errr…are we allowed to say that?? :o) Next, he sang “Tonight”, he got everyone to sing out the chorus at the end.

After the song, he started talking. He mentioned how a lot of people knew his testimony, that his wife died 8 yrs.ago. He said it was a very hard time for him, but that God had been so faithful. He was also was talking about the urgency he felt for this generation, and how he’s never felt so desperate for this generation like he does now. He said for people to read their bibles, that it’s God’s words, and God’s words were alive. To set our minds on above and not on this earth. I liked how he said we’re not here to build our own little kingdom, but for the sole purpose of building the kingdom of God, to be servants.

He then sang “This Man”.  One thing we noticed was how amazing his  voice was. There’s not a flaw in one note in his voice, it’s very solid, beautiful. While he was singing “This Man”, he seemed to  just be worshiping God, like no one else was there. He then did “Walk By Faith” and , “Hallelujah”, which threw the crowd into worship mode, everyone had their hands in the air singing along. After that he did a cover of “Never Let Go” by Matt Redman. Next, he sang his new song “Speaking Louder Than Before”,  which was really energetic and got everyone excited.

Last he ended with “There Will Be A Day” which was a crowd favorite of course. Not to mention the lady sitting next to Krystal’s mom who worshiped with awkward sounds which disrupted the crowd but I’m sure were pleasing to the Lord???? haha

Next, they showed a video about Compassion, which supports children in other countries helping with food, clothes, education, etc.  Bart, came out talked about the tour and how one day they hope it’ll be free. And mentioned how when they said they wanted to have a tour for $10, people told them they were crazy and that it would never be enough to cover all the costs. But they decided to rely on God and do it anyway. He said the $10 really doesn’t cover all the costs, so they asked for a love offering. He said he thought asking for the offering would be an awkward moment, but the crowd seemed to respond really well. But he said to everyone who couldn’t give that it was OK, he hoped it blesses

While taking up the offering, Addison Road came out and sang “What Do I Know Of Holy” which was one of the most beautiful songs of them night..

Next was the band that needs no introduction – MercyMe:

On the stage they each had their own platforms to stand on, and  the screens behind them were displaying pieces of their lyrics. They entered the stage and each got on to their platforms as they started to sing.  From what we can remember they played “So Long Self”. It was definitely a crowd pleaser. Everyone was on their feet and enjoying this song. “Finally Home” was a song that created a very peaceful environment. The notes that Bart was singing just sound so beautiful, it just made you want to drift away. Very emotional lyrics that made everyone stop and listen. At some point in the set they sang “All Right”. They told everyone to get up and sing along to the Chorus, “ooh ooh You know it’s gonna be alright”. It was a very energetic song that everyone seemed to get into. In the middle of the song they even added a little twist by singing  a couple lines of “Here Comes The Sun”. It sounded really cool the way they interjected it in there, it fit really well.

“You Reign” brought the tempo back down to a  more worship focused level. All the bands that night had most of their lyrics up on the screens so everybody could sing along. That really helped us get more into it seeing as how we didn’t know all the lyrics. Between songs Bart started talking and said some things that really stuck with us.

He talked about how we should be consumed with Christ. That if change in this world is going to happen then it’s going to start in the church. He told people “you may have experienced religion but you haven’t experienced church.”  He then talked directly to pastors, saying how they are Jesus to the world everyday. That what they do is so important and that it should, and I quote, “Blow your stinkin’ mind” lol.

They also sang radio hit “Word Of God Speak”.  The song started playing as the screens behind the band began showing rain falling in the background. You could hear everyone singing along to this one. At the end they had everyone sing the chorus….19,000 people all singing along. Towards the end they sang “God With Us”, which is Krystal’s personal favorite. In the bridge when they sang “Such a tiny offering compared to Calvary but never the less we lay it at your feet.”  It was such a peaceful moment.

Then finally came the song everyone was waiting on the edge of their seats to hear.They started singing “Surrounded by your glory what will my heart feel/ will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still“…. they repeated that part about 5 times before going into the first verse of “I Can Only Imagine”. Everyone was on their feet with hands raised in the air worshipping along with the band. Yes, this is the song that broke Pam, who was a puddle by the end of the song lol.

As the concert came to a close they started singing the worship chorus “I Love You Lord”. The rest of the band had left the stage and Bart was leading the song. This was seriously the most beautiful moment in a worship service that we’ve ever seen. As we sang the lines “take joy my King in what you hear”, Bart walked off the stage smiling as he left 19,000 people singing “let it be a sweet sweet sound in your ear.” That was a moment to remember. The perfect ending to a great night of worshiping our creator. As we sang those lines it felt like we were somehow all connected. 19,000 people all in one place singing the same song for the same purpose…to bring joy to our king.

After the show was over we made our long and very tedious trek out of the stadium. Stopping along our way to try to get merch but the crowd was sooo crazy that if had waited in line we’d probably still be there. So for the 4Th Hawk Nelson concert in a row Cecily could not get her HN buttons. But she did lose a button off her purse while going up the stairs trying to find a seat lol. Better luck next time eh, Cec?

We’ve been to a lot of great concerts but this one’s definitely on the top of the list. Even my parents liked it…which is saying a lot.  To quote my dad talking about Hawk Nelson “Those guys can play!”.  And they both thought that MercyMe was even better live. By the end of the night the whole place was sold out and they were having to turn people away. Bart Millard came onstage towards the middle of the night and told everyone that the crowd # was at 19,000. I don’t think any of the bands expected this tour to take off like it has. So if you ever get a chance to check out The Rock & Worship Roadshow definitely do so! You’ll have a great night rocking and worshipping with thousands of people.


After concert & details of our trip in Dallas:

When we finally arrived back at the hotel after having a dozen near death experiences in crazy Dallas traffic, (Don’t tell my dad this but we were holding a prayer meeting in the car while he was driving lol. God is good!) we were very hungry. And what else do you turn to but room service? So we just want to give a shout out to Sal for the freakin’ awesome deep dish pizza and totally delish chocolate cheesecake, and cappuccino pie…. we were very hungry lol. You will forever live in our memory’s Sal, your pizza will always be in our hearts…and in our arteries. Much luv dude!

The next day we decided to venture into downtown Dallas and do a bit of exploring…and eating. After weighing our options we agreed on a Mexican restaurant named Iron Cactus. If you’re ever in downtown Dallas and want some good Mexican food definitely try it out. Their Chicken Jalapeno poppers are delish, as well as the “Carlito Burrito”….which created a running joke for Pam and our waiter. He looked like AaronTosti… he gave us directions to Sprinkles. The waiter did,  not Aaron…we’ve never met Aaron…though one time we did circle him with our car. Aaron not the waiter…anycats.

After we finished eating we decided to go browse around in Nieman Marcus and look at outragously expensive things that we could never afford. Fun and slightly heartbreaking all at the same time. Honestly this was a little piece of heaven come down to earth to smile on Krystal, however, Pam and Cecily thought almost everything in there was “ugly”. Different strokes for different folks, eh? Though you have to wonder when you pick up a shoe and see the $365.00 price tag on it…what lunatic would pay these prices? Is it $365.00 per pair or per shoe? But we digress.

When we were looking at the purses we met this girl who worked at the store, named  Meagan. She was really nice and happened to be the sister in law of one of the guys from The Afters, which just happens to be one of our favorite bands! What are the odds? She also told us that she attends the same church that we were thinking about visiting the next morning, which is First Baptist Church of Dallas. Unfortunetly we didn’t get to go but it was really cool to meet and talk to Meagan. We stayed there just talking about God, church, and music for a while. It’s funny how much you find out you have in common with a complete stranger eh?

After leaving the downtown area, we decided to look for Sprinkles. For those you who don’t know what Sprinkles is, it’s a bakery that just makes cupcakes. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? However…this place was no heaven at all…at least not according to Cecily. Pam and Krystal however loved it! The cupcakes were delish, the place was cute, and they were playing Krystal’s favorite Frou Frou song…

*Now for Cecily’s opinion* This place was definitely not my idea of what a cupcake place should be.  It was trying so hard to be trendy that it just came off uncomfortable and impersonal. Cupcakes are supposed to make you feel happy and relaxed…they should be cheerful and fun…this place did not accomplish that. And the cupcakes are almost $4 and are very small. I got the red velvet…it was alright, but I can make better myself. Do yourself a favor and drive down to Sugar Land (yes, all the way from Dallas! 😉 and go to The Cupcake Cafe it’s insanely better… BUT that is just my opinion.

After indulging on cupcakes and coffee drinks we went back to the hotel to chill for a while. Plus Dallas traffic was driving my dad crazy lol.

We decided to work on our blog for The Waking, so we went outside to sit by the pool (which was weirdly overflowing and flooding the patio for some reason).

All of a sudden we noticed a guy with a guitar in one hand, beer in the other, walk outside as well. He noticed us right away and walked back inside as though he didn’t want us to hear him play. Then a minute later, he returned, Pam asked if he was gonna play. He said “Yea, can I play for you ladies?”. So he walked over and sat down at our table and said “I usually charge $10 for this, but tonight you get to hear it for free” with a sly grin. He then asked if we had any requests or certain music we like. We named bands we liked such as Hawk Nelson, MercyMe, Switchfoot, which he said he never heard of.  He asked “Bible music??” haha, like he couldn’t tell! We said err… yes. He said what about “Glory Glory Hallelujah?”. He began singing it,  making up lyrics as he went.

We have to say at first we were curious if he was going to be any good, but he surprised us by being pretty dang awesome. Some of the lyrics he made up to the song were ” take my burdens away, hallelujah, won’t you take em away.” One of the most beautiful made up on the spot worship songs we’ve ever heard!

After he finished he introduced himself as Rusty, and politely shook our hands while we introduced ourselves. He told us he played with Bob Marley’s original band, and that they were in town for a show at the pub that night. He invited us to come watch if it was not against our religion. I guess he could tell by our faces that we didn’t drink. He then went on to tell us that he used to play for a youth group that they would go down to pubs and hang out and just share the love of God with everyone. Right at the moment, you kind of think how awesome God is to bring random strangers into your life where he just opens up opportunities for good conversations like this one.

He also seemed to be fascinated by the sound of Cecily’s name. He kept saying “Cecccciillyyy, open sesame, Cecily. I like that” lol. We loved his next song-a cover of Snoop Dogg. Wha!  He called it “Snoop Dogg Country”, which he said he liked because his songs told a good story. Next he asked if we had anymore requests, which Pam jokingly said Britney Spears.  He then sang “Oops I Did It Again” country style, which we have to say is ten times better than the actual song!

Still lovin’ Cecily’s name he started to make up a song using all of our names. Singing something in the form of, “There was a girl named Cecily, walked into the hotel, and said open sesame”. And somehow she called Pam, and Krystal..can’t really remember – but of course we loved it! In fact, we think it could be a top ten hit – think about it Rusty!! It could be the next “Hey there Deliliah”, errr Cecily..wink wink!

His style of singing was different, very laid back, kind of like G.Love or Jason Mraz. We loved the way he kept talking in between songs or how the songs would fade out into a playful laugh and he had to take of sip of his beer. He also sang some Bob Marley covers such as “No Woman No Cry”, and threw in a bit of The Beatles in as well with “Let It Be” and “Black Bird”.

After about an hour or so passed we realized we had to get back to our room, but asked if we could record him playing a song. He said sure and played his last song for us!

Thanks Rusty you made a great random memory for us in Dallas, and we love cute musicians! 😉

Lessons We Learned From Rusty: Bugs Love Corona lol

The next morning we left to take the 6 hour drive back home. And while driving and listening to Power Fm and homemade mix cd’s, we couldn’t help but reflect on the random and amazing weekend we just had. Ah Dallas, you were good to us, your skyline at night gave us butterflys, your musical atmosphere made us swoon….and your traffic drove us crazy! Ah yes, it feels like love to me. We’ll never forget you and your city lights!

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