“Top 5 Most Stylish Women in Christian Music”

Bonjour lovely friends! Let’s talk style this week shall we? I’m a big believer in rockin what you got (Superchick reference), and never being afraid to go all out in expressing yourself and showing your personality with your style and clothing. I for one love tutus and I will rock one whenever and wherever I want, yo! (I once wore my pink and black tutu skirt to my church’s state convention, ha). So I love people who are just as un-afraid and bold in their style as I aspire to be. And it is no secret that music has always had a very profound effect on fashion, from the way Nirvana ushered in the grunge/”whoa with the plaid” look, to the way Brittney Spears had every girl showing her navel (scary!), music and fashion has always gone hand in hand. So I wanted to take some time to recognize the artists whose fearless style inspires me, and who I take cues and ideas from to create my own look. This week we are highlighting the top 5 women who, in my opinion, have some of the best style in Christian music. Please feel free to share your favorite stylish artists, and how they have influenced your look 🙂

Sherri Dupree Bemis of the band Eisley

Sherri photo 2

Sherri is a singer/guitarist for the sibling band Eisley, and her style is just as whimsy and intriguing as her band’s beautiful music! The best thing about Sherri’s style is that she is very artsy and creative with her look, almost merging the fantasy world with the hipster chic, if that’s even possible lol. Sherri, who is also an amazing photographer, takes the most enchanting photos showing off her off-beat and eccentric personality through her outfits, makeup and hair.


Speaking of hair, Miss Sherri has, like myself, been a pink head before!


High fives Sherri, we colored haired girls got to stick together! Sherri’s style shows personality and creativity, she writes a story with her look, and it says that she has a story in her mind that she’s it living out in her own way, in her own land. And, by listening to Eisley’s music, you get a little peak inside that enchanted world.

Sherri 4


Make sure to check out Sherri’s Flicker page for more of her incredible shots!



Lacey Mosley of the band Flyleaf


Lacey has to be one of the most authentic rocker chicks out there! I love seeing how she pairs girly dresses with jeans for a live performance, a very creative way to prove that you can be a girl and rock out on stage at the same time!


Her style is grungy – girly awesomeness all rolled up in one hardcore package! Personally this is my favorite style at the moment, so I’ve been very inspired by Lacey lately. Lacey also sports fun dresses in photo shoots; just look at Flyleaf’s most recent promo shots to see her in a cute tea-length vintage black dress, hat, and some awesome shoes! So classy!


To sum up Lacey’ style, I would use three words; Classy rocker girl! Rock on Lacey! 🙂


Tiffany Arbuckle, AKA Plumb

Tiffany Plumb 1

Tiffany Arbuckle, AKA Plumb, is one fearless chica when it comes to style! In 2007 she sported a rockin Mohawk that got her some flack, but Tiffany didn’t falter, she sported the ‘do anyway despite what others thought of it. You go girl!

TiffanyPlumb 2

Aside from the Mohawk, if you look back at Tiffany’s style over the past 10 years she’s been in music, the woman has always had a knack for bringin the “out there” and in your face fashion. In photo shoots and promo’s Tiffany will often wear big poufy gothic dresses, colorful makeup, and always has her hair looking fierce!


And live, Plumb is just as adamant about expressing her style; when Krystal and I went to a show of hers in 2007, she was preggers with her son Oliver and looked as stunning as ever in a maroon top, and awesome gold platforms! This woman is one of my style heroes! 🙂


Lee Marie of the band Children 18:3


Lee Marie is the bassist of the punk sibling trio Children 18:3. Lee Marie is a total punk rock chick for sure; Ripped jeans, shredded and patched jackets, and arm warmers. I love it! Lee Marie is very creative in her clothing and style, one of my favorite things about her is the hearts she wears under her eyes (very Miss Angie reminiscent), it’s so whimsy! I tend to draw stars under my eyes, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! Ha 😉


This girl screams her personality with her clothing, it just says “Hey, I rock. And yeah, I know it”, ha, exactly what every girl should think of herself! 😉




Krystal Meyers


Krystal Meyers has come a long way from her teenage years of jeans, T-shirts and Vans. Around the release of her third album “Make Some Noise” in 2008, Krystal’s style took on a more mature and polished look, increasing in style and trendiness (the good kind of trendiness that is) along the way. I love how Krystal pares skinny jeans with cute tops and jackets, and she even rocks a fedora and other awesome head wear from time to time.


Krystal Meyers K r y s t a l   s i n g i n g 

Krystal’s style is what I would call rock chic, and it is very wearable for every day, making it easy to take cues from her and work them into your own look.


Well, that’s all for this week friends! Come back and visit us next time as we’ll be spotlighting the top 5 stylish guys in Christian music! (All the girls say “Yeeaahh!”). Cheers rocking friends! Never be afraid to show the world who you are through your style, and how you carry yourself! Meow!

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2 Responses to “Top 5 Most Stylish Women in Christian Music”

  1. Amanda Oliver says:

    Awesome blog, Cec! You did a fantastic job showcasing your knowledge and passion for fashion! I’ve always thought the girls of Eisley had a cool, vintage, whimsical style. I also like Lacey’s style, because that girl can rock -hard- but remain completely feminine at the same time! Can’t wait for part II with the guys 😉

    • Aww thanks love! I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂 I totally agree; the girls of Eisley have such a whimsy –ness about their style, they look as though they just stepped of a vintage fairytale! And as for Lacey; she is such a fashion role model to all girly rocker chicks! And ha, I’m glad you’re excited for the guys list, it’s definitely a fun one to put together! Lol 😉

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