You Can’t Save Yourself Tour – Showbread, The Ember Days, While You Were Gone, Serenade A Theif

“May raw rock kill you forever and ever, amen.”

That was one the first few sentences played on a video screen right before Showbread started to play. Odd, unexpected words to be played in almost complete darkness right before a band takes the stage. But you learn rather quickly to expect the unexpected from these guys. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

On May 22, 2008, we went to see Showbread play at Fuel Cafe in Humble,Tx. We really didn’t know what to expect, it being our first Showbread show and all. But it was one of the best concerts we’ve ever been to!

Okay, so we got to Fuel Cafe at 6:00 and Showbread was bringing their equipment into the building and setting up so we stood around and watched for a while (I love doing that)…Josh was wearing pink plaid long shorts and a pink t-shirt…he is the only guy that can pull off that much pink and still look rock lol. I really liked the cafe, they had computers and you could order coffee, ice cream, ect….it’s really nice atmosphere!

Two Houston bands played first, one called While You Were Gone, and another called Serenade A Thief, both were really good. But my favorite of the two was While You Were Gone. The lead singer is a girl and her voice is gorgeous, she also did really good at connecting with the crowd.

After Serenade A Thief finished their set, Dies (The side project of Josh Dies) came out and the show was on! Mike, Patrick, and Ricky were all playing with him,  as well as his wife, Abi . The songs and music were insane! My favorite had to be the song “Does This Inspire You?”, it just floored me…really great lyrics. I’m totally obsessed with it! It was really fun seeing them play because you got to see a different side musically and personality wise then you see with Showbread. I loved the electronic sound, it was so different. After every song Josh would simply say “Thanks!, heres another Dies song”…I just love his quirkyness.

Following Dies was a band from New Zealand called The Ember Days, they had a very beautiful melodic sound (think Eisley) that just gripped you. They introduced their song “Cocoon” by saying it was a love song. Well I know that’s true, because I fell completely in love with it as they sang, such gorgeous lyrics. After that they played a worshipful song and you really saw their passion pour out. The song was amazing and towards the end, the guitarist/singer did these stunningly beautiful screams…it gave me goose bumps. One thing I really loved was the singer/keyboardist’s voice, she had a very beautiful almost entrancing voice. At one point the guitarist/singer said he was not there to preach to us, but having a relationship with Christ was the best decision he ever made and that he would be back at the tables to talk to anyone about it…very cool. On a fun last note, they have awesome accents!

Next up SHOWBREAD….oh yes, the moment we had been waiting for was finally here! The guys came out with black makeup smeared all over their faces and their “no music” symbol shirts all ripped up…also smeared with black and white. They brought out this black sort of film looking stuff and strung it around the whole set, the drums, the mics. They even threw it up to the ceiling (it was Landon who threw it up there and
he missed the first time and hit Patrick lol) so it would hang down from the bars that were up there. Pam took the one that was on Josh’s mic…she wore it on her wrist lol. We were directly in front so we had a perfect view, I was very happy.

The lights went out as the TV screens scrolled through a message while a sort of computerized voice spoke and told us that some of what we see may be disturbing, but to bear with them on this journey so that we can find the beauty in the end. And then it said “May raw rock kill you forever and ever, amen.”

The guys came onstage and the first song started, everyone went crazy! Everyone in the front row was being pushed into the stage, which was only about to our knees, so we were forced to grab on the speakers that sat on the stage just to keep from falling over lol. Thankfully it calmed down towards the end of the song and I was able to resume a normal standing position.

The lighting (which was being done from the side of the stage by Josh’s wife, Abi) was awesome, lots of strobes, it really did great in creating the mood for each song. The TV screens were showing a bunch of movie clips. Different ones to go with each song…some were creepy…like one with a priest covered in flies…but they all made a really great point. The whole set was telling the story of the two sisters Anorexia and Nervosa.

At first the music started out very gritty, dark, and raw (of course raw) and as we went on it became intense and emotional and beautiful. I absolutely loved hearing all the screams, they were insane! I was so blown away by Ricky’s drum skills, he did this CRAZY drum solo that went on forever and I about had a heart attack! He was playing so hard he was about out of his seat…all I can say is, incredible. The way they perform is jaw dropping, with Josh banging his head into the keyboard and all of the guys head banging and throwing themselves around like rag dolls. After some songs I found myself taking deep breaths because the music and their performance was so intense and chaotic, but in such an amazing, moving way.

One of my favorite songs they did was “The Pig” from the Nervosa cd. The lyrics to that song are so powerful! It was slightly creepy too because all of the lights went out and then they had loud pig noises playing…it made for a very strong point. There were some moments where they would just play this intense music, no words…it was pretty incredible.

Another cool thing was that Josh did a lot of singing which was really awesome to hear. During one song Josh got down on the floor and started wrapping himself in the film like strings that were hung around the set.  He was struggling with it to get it off, yanking it, tearing it. It really represented how we get tangled up in sin and struggle to get out of it…very powerful.

The most beautiful moment was when all of the guys sat down on the stage and soft music played as the TV screens showed a girl sitting in a field, reflecting. She was coming to the realization of God’s redemptive love, and as she smiled you knew how the story ended. After the video, each guy got up one by one, and then Josh threw both his hands in the air in praise to God. He started singing the most gorgeous and moving worshipful song over a loud chaotic noise. To me, it symbolized how we have to sing over the noise of this world, over the sin. No matter how many storms are raging around us, no matter how many vultures are in circling us, we must dig our way out of the mud and sing over the noise. Josh was standing a little back from the mic and his hands were stretched in the air as the words to the song were displayed on the TV’s….I was almost brought to tears. I’ve never been that impacted by a show…I had goose bumps.

Showbread to me is sort of a head but and a gut punch towards the truth. The way they showed the pain and filth of this world and how we live, and then told of the redemptive healing love of Jesus just moved me. There are not too many shows (or bands) that can bring you to your knees while rocking you to the core, and Showbread accomplishes both.

After the song the guys took off their instruments, left the stage and went out the side door. Everyone started shouting “one more song, one more song!”, and then the door opened and the guys came back out. And as I heard the drums signaling the opening of “Mouth Like A Magazine”, I could have never guessed what I was in for. As soon as the song started the crowed got nuts, and everyone in front was falling onto the stage.

After “Mouth Like A Magazine”, they went right into “Oh, Emetophobia”. I loved this one, it was so much fun to dance to! During the song Josh came up right in front of the guy next to me and put his arm around him and let him sing into the mic…the guy hugged him and Josh hugged back lol.

Showbread is seriously one of the best live bands around. It felt like more of a production than just a concert. It was the telling of a story. A redemption story.

After the concert, we went to find Mr. Dies. We get out to the parking lot and find Josh, and ask him if we could get a picture. So we go to take it and the person who was taking the picture for us was like, “you have it on video”, and Josh was like, “it happens” lol. So after a change of the settings on my camera we finally took the picture…Josh made a weird face…I love it lol. I told him they did a great job and that I love the creative way they do things. And then I asked him to sign his cover of HM magazine. I had to roll it up so it would fit into my purse and he was like “nice fold”. The magazine has a flip cover with P.O.D on the other side and he was like “you want me to sign P.O.D too?”. 

I also told him that I loved his eye makeup (it was blue and it was awesome) and he said “thanks, I try” lol. Before we left I was like “oh, by the way I’m so going to have “Oh, Emetophobia” as my wedding song one day”, and Krys said “it’s her favorite love song”. Josh was like “cool, send me a video” lol. I told him to come back soon and he said “we will!”…so Josh I’m holding you to that. Seriously, he really is just the sweetest, funniest guy, definitely one of my heroes.

So in closing I just want to say that if you’ve never seen Showbread live you must do so at least once before you die, it’s an experience, no better yet, it’s a journey and you will never forget it.

May raw rock kill you forever and ever, amen.

For more info on the bands or the venue please go to these sites:

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