“Friendly” EP by Queens Club

I first discovered newcomers, Queens Club when I saw the music video for their song “Less Talk” on TVU (the go to place to discover great new bands). I loved their dance/rock sound and the song would always stick in my head. They recently released their debut cd “Young Giant ” on Tooth & Nail records; which I’ve yet to purchase. However, the guys have just released a new EP entitled, “Friendly”, that you can get for free just for liking their Facebook page! I was kinda surprised that they would put out an EP so soon after their debut release, but since I was only familiar with one of their songs, I thought this might be a good way to hear a little more.  What I found was a 5 song EP that was surprisingly better than I expected.

The EP opens with the song “Legendary”, which was instantly my favorite! It’s an infectious dance/pop tune that has a great drum beat and a killer electric guitar. The second this song starts it just makes you want to get up and dance! It grabs your attention right away and makes for a great opener. Next song, “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants”, is still in the same dance vein but with a little more rock mixed in.  To be honest, some of the lyrics are a little hard to make out but these lines from the verse and chorus were intriguing to me, “I want to be the man I used to be. Don’t want to think of what’s gotten into me./still no place to go. This beautiful place they lived there all our lives. Now we’re standing on the shoulders of giants”“Darkkstar” (what’s with the two k’s? I don’t know… but it looks cool 😉 ) is a short but sweet dance/rock song. I love the way the electric guitar & drums sound in this one! Definitely a stand-out track. They slow things a down a bit with a mid-tempo acoustic song called, “Upstart”.  As much as I love their dance songs, it’s actually a nice change to be able to clearly hear their voices as well as the lyrics. My only complaint with the acoustic songs is that the lead singer’s voice, at times, hits a pitch that can be a touch on the screetchy side. And some may find it to be a slight distraction from the song. They close out the EP with an acoustic version of “Less Talk”. I must admit, I think it definitely rivals the original. While the original is dancy and fun, the acoustic version gives it a great contrast. It creates a whole new feel for the song. Almost giving it a folk/rock vibe. And it totally works for them!

What really stands out about this EP, and about Queens Club, is their incredible dance sensibility. They kind of remind me of Jonezetta with their great hooks that make you feel like you’ve just been transported to a dance club. If the “Friendly” EP is any indication, I think we will be dancing to a lot more songs by these guys!

To download “Friendly” EP,  Click Here

To purchase their cd “Young Giant ” Click Here  


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Follower of Christ. Twenty-something from Texas. Blogger. Baker. Music addict. Night owl. Chocoholic. Lover of all things creative. You can find me blogging here: https://thewakingezine.wordpress.com and here: http://softlyspokensimplysaid.blogspot.com :)
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2 Responses to “Friendly” EP by Queens Club

  1. Amanda Oliver says:

    I was bumpin’ some Queens Club last night before I talked to your sis 😉 Great band! They totally remind me of Jonezetta. I’m interested in hearing more from them in the future!

  2. So glad you checked them out!! 🙂 Cec mentioned you were listening to them last night. Their music is just really fun to listen to, isn’t it? Very reminiscent of Jonezetta! 🙂

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