Album review for “Live at the Masquerade” by Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch has been rocking the Christian alternative music scene for 15
years. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, TFK combines hard rock and rapcore to create an infectious repertoire of heavy hitting anthems. Their music has been used in various sports reels, TV shows, video games and movie trailers. Now, their live energy has been captured on their brand new DVD, “Live at the Masquerade.”

“Live at the Masquerade” was recorded in Edmonton at the Rexall Place arena for Canada’s biggest Christian youth conference, appropriately titled, “YC.” TFK played to a crowd of over 20,000 people, and I think it’s safe to say, each and every one of them had their face rocked off.

From the opening song, it’s immediately apparent that the directing and production of this DVD is top notch. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it’s nice to listen to. The sound quality is superb; don’t be afraid to turn up your surround sound speakers on this one. The band must be commended for a flawless showcase of their musical talent, especially lead singer Trevor McNevan. At first listen, I had my suspicions that Trevor’s vocals might have been slightly altered or dubbed because of the singing perfection he exuded. However, upon closer inspection, I don’t believe his vocals have been altered for the DVD – I just think he’s that good.

Fans should be pleased with a diverse mix of tunes on “Live at the Masquerade.” The band pumps out hits such as “Rawkfist,” “Falls Apart,” and “Move.” They even dig into the archive and perform “Puppet,” which is clearly a crowd pleaser. While the energy of the audience is acceptable, the energy of the band is what makes this concert fun to watch. Steve Augustine pounds away on his drum kit, Joel Bruyere punches out his crazy bass lines, and guitarist Ty Dietzler head bangs his head full of dreadlocks to crunchy guitar riffs. And then, there’s Trevor. If the microphone stand shaped into a skeletal spine is any indication that this man can rock, then wait till you see everything he has to offer. He’s a stand up front man.

Highlights include the high-energy, “Bring Me to Life” and “E for Extinction;” softer moments in the uplifting “What Do We Know?” and “Already Home;” and the pyrotechnic fueled “Fire it Up.” Every single song on the DVD is worth watching, though. Canada should be proud of their boys, Thousand Foot Krutch. They know how to rock and “Live at the Masquerade” is the only evidence they’ll ever need to back it up.

Watch the first song from “Live at the Masquerade” below:

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