Sharp Dressed Woman

Does the Music You Listen to Coincide With the Fashion You Wear?

While putting on my makeup one morning, I was listening to The Kinks and The Yardbirds. I couldn’t help but feel summery and perky while their classic guitar riffs and catchy hooks lilted into my ears. I decided that I would feel like a complete mod maven with a Twiggy inspired look; so I slapped on some thick mascara, winged liner, and nude lipstick. That got me to thinking – how much has my personal style been inspired by the music I listen to? I’ve compiled a short list of musicians whose music and styles have inspired my own look.

1960s Music

Emilio Pucci, my favorite fashion designer of the 60s.

The Beatles, The Byrds, and The Beach Boys are just a few of the 60s bands that I’ve been listening to since I was a little girl. Their often psychedelic music evokes images of kaleidoscopic patterns and colorful palettes. Although I’ve always preferred men’s fashion from this era, I was rather partial to bobbed hair and ‘flower-power’ as a child. I recall one
instance when I was about 12 years old; I wanted to buy a pair of knee-high, heeled, white leather boots. My mother, who nicely refrained from cringing, said, “You’d look like a go-go dancer wearing those!” Needless to say, I didn’t purchase them. Nowadays, there is little semblance of the 60s in my day to day look, save for the bold cat eye that I like sporting occasionally.

1970s Music

Jimi Hendrix

I have to admit, I love looking at some of my favorite 70s bands almost as much as I love listening to them. They wore some seriously amazing clothes on and off stage. Whether it was Jimmy Page donning an intricately detailed suit or Jimi Hendrix wearing impossibly flared jeans, they always looked the part of rock ‘n roll royalty – flamboyant, edgy, and inherently cool. Military jackets, billowy tops, embroidered and embellished pieces, or simply a tied neck scarf (a la Page) are a few ways that I like to channel my favorite rock legends.

Robert Plant, singer of Led Zeppelin.

Aside from being my favorite singer, Robert Plant is also my hair muse! His
gorgeous head of curls reaffirms the decision I made years ago to put down the flattening iron and let my natural curls go wild.

Does the music you listen to have any influence on your closet? Does your look reflect a certain era?

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