Review of Bliss Bakery – McDonough, GA.

About a month ago I took a trip to the peach state known as Georgia, it was a nice little two week trip to meet and visit with my boyfriend’s family and friends in the quaint town of McDonough, about fifteen minutes south of Atlanta. Now, if you know anything about me, you know that when I road trip the very first thing I do in a new city is find where the cupcakes are, I mean how can you really go to a new place and not see how the cupcakes fair…it’s the right thing to do people. So, thanks to a little research and my phone’s Google search engine, I found out that right in my boyfriend’s town square is the sweetest little bakery called Bliss. After browsing Bliss’s website and menu, it’s suffice to say I pretty much begged (not exaggerating here) my boyfriend to take me as soon as possible; he graciously obliged being the gentleman he is, and I got to have my fist official Georgia cupcake.

Walking into Bliss the first thing you notice is the sweet and almost dreamy atmosphere, pretty green walls lightly stenciled with words like “Imagine” and “love and laughter”, and small cozy tables just call you to sit and enjoy some of the yummy treats that line the counter display cases

On my first visit there (yes I made sure to go twice) I chose to order the strawberry margarita cupcake, while my boyfriend ordered the chocolate bliss cupcake. Both were major hits with the two of us. The strawberry margarita cupcake featured a moist vanilla cake, and filled with a divine strawberry filling, that only prompted one complaint which was that I wish there was more it! Yum!! Topped with luscious and fluffy, sweet pink strawberry margarita frosting, I was in fruity heaven! Boyfriend’s chocolate bliss cupcake was rich and chocolaty; I think my favorite on this one was the chocolate frosting, which was thick, creamy and buttery, sweet, but not overly sweet. One bite of the chocolate cake and frosting together and your chocolate craving is instantly boosted…you just have to have more.

On our second visit the day before I left good o’l Georgia, I couldn’t resist trying their bubblegum cupcake, which because it’s sheer cuteness, had my attention at first sight, plus, who’s ever heard of a bubblegum cupcake?! Too awesome not to try! A confetti cake, covered in bubblegum flavored frosting, and topped with a giant piece of bubblegum is enough to send you into a sugar overdrive! A very happy sugar overdrive that is! This cupcake is pretty sweet due to the bubblegum icing, so the faint of tongue may want to share, but if you’re taste buds are already fried from sugar, go ahead and eat the whole thing.  Albeit a little strange when you first taste it, it becomes too delicious and delightful to stop eating!

Bliss has a lovely display of homemade fudge in a variety of flavors that include rocky road, chocolate with M&M’s, butter pecan, and orange dream, as well as many others.  I had the strawberry and cream fudge and my taste buds were more than pleased! Mmm, writing about it is making me want to go to Georgia again and get some 🙂

Bliss not only offers sweets, but also a variety of fun and cute gift items, and houses quite the assortment of baking supplies in the back of the shop. Fun cookie cutters, lovely cupcake liners, and an array of pretty colorful sprinkles and sugars, are just some of the things you’ll find at Bliss. The shop also gives decorating classes and demos, as well as having 6 week intern program.

Bliss quickly became a favorite place of mine in my boyfriend’s town, because in my opinion sitting down and enjoying a cupcake and orange soda in a pretty little glass bottle (aren’t they just better in a glass bottle?) is a perfect way to add some fun to any afternoon, don’t you agree? I thought you did 🙂

So whether you’re in the mood for some sweet eats, need a cake for a special occasion, or are just looking to add to your cupcake liner collection, stop by Bliss on the McDonough square and you’ll find many things to delight the sweet lover, as well as the baker, in you.

Find more info on Bliss at or hit them up on Facebook here

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3 Responses to Review of Bliss Bakery – McDonough, GA.

  1. Debi says:

    Job well done! I want a cupcake!

  2. MInyone says:

    I must agree with all of your fantastic reviews of this Bliss filled Bakery. I also had the chance to enjoy the sweet tastings of the owners and very friendly, helpful crew they made my daughter’s 18th Birthday cake ( you can see it on the site red & black with WRC on it ) small and very appropiate stature, we have not lived here in McDonough very long before I needed a special order but this cake was awesome not only in looks but the taste WOW! She took my idea’s and made it fabulous for my daughter; Yes I will be ordering from Bliss again very soon. Yummm;)

  3. frank says:

    Love this place! Best bakery for cupcakes in McDonough 🙂

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