Album review for “Odd Soul” by Mutemath

Mutemath is back in the spotlight with a brand new album, “Odd Soul.” The band
serves up something a little different this time, but it’s satisfying nonetheless. Influences of 70s rock permeate the record. This trend is popular right now with groups like The Black Keys and The Sheepdogs leading the pack. However, Mutemath dishes out their spin on the genre and backs it up with excellent musicianship.

The record starts things off with the groovy title track, “Odd Soul.” Distorted instruments and Paul Meany’s intense vocals lace the song about being extraordinary in an ordinary world. “Prytania” is a catchy and upbeat number that features some great
drumming by Darren King. At first listen, I immediately thought of Ginger Baker of Cream. King’s skills dominate most of the record and should make classic rock fans very happy. A bluesy guitar riff carries “Blood Pressure,” a satirical track about doing more and being more in order to please other people: “Don’t worry; I will help you out on one condition. Be more, do more, check your blood pressure.” Mutemath doesn’t abandon their familiar sound altogether. “All or Nothing” and “In No Time” are tracks
that feature the atmospheric, electro-pop style that fans have come to love.

There are so many change-ups in this record that you’d be hard pressed to keep track of them. Some of these change-ups are included in “Cavalries” and “Walking
,” which contain fun and infectious melodies. The musically intriguing “Equals” transitions smoothly into “Quarantine” without missing a beat. The latter song is 7 minutes of tight drumming, frantic vocals, and Zeppelin-esque guitar riffs that will keep any music enthusiast entertained.

“Odd Soul” as a whole is cohesive, smart, and incredibly catchy. Sure, it’s a far cry from their debut album, and even sets itself apart from “Armistice.” But, don’t let that change cast doubt onto your reception of this record. “Odd Soul” is a modern take on a genre of music that defined a generation and rock & roll music forever. And Mutemath pulls off that reinterpretation superbly. So, embrace the change and prepare to be wowed!

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2 Responses to Album review for “Odd Soul” by Mutemath

  1. Ian Badeer says:

    I have really enjoyed Odd Soul so far, just wish it had a few more soft ballads like “Lost Year” and Pins and Needles”, the album kinda wears you out!

  2. Amanda Oliver says:

    Hey Ian! Thanks for the comment! And welcome to The Waking 🙂 I understand what you mean. I was actually quite surprised by the lack of softer songs; Mutemath is so good at writing those! But, I really love the direction they took with this record, so I can’t complain too much 😉

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