Album review for “Ghosts Along the Brazos” by Ghosts Along the Brazos

Ghosts Along the Brazos is a band from Austin, Texas. My first introduction to the group was during a live show. Their vintage, yet refreshing style had me hooked the instant I heard them. Their onstage presence was charming, humorous, and demanded respect; these guys could play. They draw upon several musical influences, including Americana, swing, and country. The group released their debut album last month and the
finished product is delightful.

The album includes a little bit of everything. There’s the cool and chill “Los Brazos
De Dios
” (which is Spanish for “The Arms of God”). It features some bluesy riffs from lead guitarist Greg Harkins, whose throw-back sound carries a lot of the album. Lead singer Jacob Jaeger flaunts his pleasant vocals on “Misshapen, Mistreated and Misunderstood.” Light-hearted titles crop up on the album: the Harkins’ penned “I Forgot” and bassist Kristopher Wade’s “Post-Apocalyptic Princess.” On the latter, Wade sings, “In the future there won’t be many men left, so be my post-apocalyptic princess.” These songs are quirky and fun, reflective of the band’s personality.

More sentimental and serious songs, “Before I’m Done” and “Feels Good Being Forgotten” are impressively written and executed. “Demystifying the Mystery” has a
slight R&B lean to it and we get a nice taste of keyboardist Connor Forsyth’s chops. Rounding out the record is “The Givench,” which is a groovy and upbeat dance number. After this nice little jam-session, the song closes with crickets chirping; obviously the band is being funny. However, I have a feeling that anyone who listens to Ghosts Along the Brazos’ debut will react with anything but silence.

Channeling Texas music greats Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, Ghosts Along the Brazos pays homage to a classic sound while remaining youthful and fresh. If you’re in town, stop by Waterloo Records and pick up their album. Or, better yet, catch a show. Their effortless ability to play should be enough to win anyone over.

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2 Responses to Album review for “Ghosts Along the Brazos” by Ghosts Along the Brazos

  1. Dirk says:

    Awesome lead vocals.

  2. Amanda Oliver says:

    Agreed! And they’re even better live 🙂

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