Easy Tiramisu Trifle

Welcome back from the turkey coma we call, Thanksgiving! Hope y’all had a lovely holiday with lots to be thankful for! And as if you haven’t had your fill of dessert already…here’s yet another delish and totally evil treat for you. This week in Somone’s In The Kitchen we’re putting a spin on an Italian favorite, Tiramisu!

Easy Tiramisu Trifle –

(Recipe adapted from @ http://www.mybakingaddiction.com)

A couple Christmases ago my sister and I attempted to make one of our favorite desserts, Tiramisu! While we gave it our best shot, let’s just say, it wasn’t a huge success ;). So I was excited when I found this recipe for Easy Tiramisu Trifle! This trifle is so simple yet so delish! It starts with a lovely base of whipping cream, Ricotta Cheese, cocoa powder and of course, espresso granules (ah, coffee, the magic of Tiramisu). Then it’s layered with fresh whipped cream (trust me, there’s nothing like it… you’ll never go back to store bought again), and chocolate cookie crumbs. Top it off with a light dusting of cocoa powder, chocolate shavings, and fresh raspberries and you have a beautiful dessert perfect for your holiday table! This trifle is so creamy with a light coffee flavor (if were up to me, it would’ve been stronger) and the layers look so pretty in the trifle bowl. I did make a few changes; at my dad’s request I used cream cheese instead of ricotta (not traditional, I know, but he likes it better) and I substituted the Kahlua for a tsp. of Vanilla.

This trifle was a lovely addition to our Thanksgiving table this year.  If you love Tiramisu but are a little nervous to try it at home; this Easy Tiramisu Trifle is the way to go!

For the base –

1 cup heavy whipping cream
 1/4 cup granulated sugar
 1 cup Sargento® Ricotta Cheese, any style
 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
 1 tablespoon Kahlua (I used 1 tsp. of vanilla extract instead)
 1 teaspoon instant espresso granules
For the layering –
fresh whipped cream
1/2 cup chocolate cookie crumbs

Here is the recipe I used for whipped cream; it was so good! But you might have to triple the recipe to make as much as you’ll need. –

Sweetened Whipped Cream

 1 cup heavy whipping cream
 3 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar
 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. In a chilled small mixing bowl and with chilled beaters, beat cream until it begins to thicken. Add confectioners’ sugar and vanilla; beat until soft peaks form. Store in the refrigerator.

For the garnish –
fresh raspberries
chocolate shavings
Combine whipping cream and sugar in food processor bowl fitted with metal blade. Process 1 minute, or until cream is stiff. Transfer whipped cream to a medium bowl and set aside. (Do not clean bowl of food processor.)
Combine cheese, cocoa powder, vanilla and instant espresso granules in food processor bowl. Process until blended. Add cheese mixture to bowl with whipped cream; fold in with rubber spatula until no white streaks remain.
Transfer to dessert glasses or big trifle bowl.
Trifle Assembly –
Create the Tiramisu base according to recipe directions. Layer it with freshly whipped cream and chocolate cookie crumbs. Finish them off with a sprinkling of chocolate shavings and fresh berries.


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2 Responses to Easy Tiramisu Trifle

  1. Sounds wonderful! How many servings would you say it makes?

    • Thanks! Actually I’m not sure how many servings it makes. I know that it was more than enough to feed our family of 4 with quite a bit still left over. I was surprised how much it made. You can also split it up into individual trifle glasses as well. Hope you give it a try sometime! 🙂

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