Feature on the music of Sucre

The word Sucre (pronounced: Su-Cray) is the French word for sweet. It’s also the name of the solo project by Eisley’s, Stacy Dupree King. And sweet is definitely a great way to describe these songs.

It was fall of 2005 when I was first introduced to the lovely music of the band, Eisley. These Tyler, Tx natives, made up of 4 siblings and their cousin, were opening for Switchfoot on the “Nothing Is Sound” Tour (the first Switchfoot concert I ever went to). I was immediately drawn in with their whimsical tunes and the angelic voices of the Dupree gals. I remember seeing Stacy at the keyboard singing the lead on “Marvelous Things”, one of my favorite Eisley songs to this day, and just being mesmerized by her voice. I also remember hearing random guys in the audience yell out marriage proposals to her in between songs lol. My sister and I left the concert that night huge fans of this band and have been listening ever since.

Having followed them for so many years now I was so excited to hear that Stacy was branching out and recording a solo album! And from what I’ve heard so far, it’s exactly what I thought it would be: magical and angelic. Sucre is actually a collaborative effort between Stacy, her husband (MuteMath drummer extraordinaire) Darren King, and musician Jeremy Larson. This is definitely a musical pairing that’s meant to be. The trio started working together on this project two years ago and next week, on April 10th, will release their debut album entitled, “A Minor Bird”.

You can’t help but be taken in by their first single, “When We Were Young”; it’s a song you can get lost in. This was the perfect tune to introduce Sucre to the world with its whimsical and ethereal pop sound. The song is flowy, with a beautiful string arrangement, and Stacy’s pristine voice. The lyrics seem to be a bittersweet almost nostalgic ode to growing up; “When we were young I never had to worry.  I never even cared cause something always came my way. When we were young I never was repeating the sentiment again and again, oh, something’s gotta come my way.”

The video for this song, which was produced by Darren King, is equally as beautiful. It was filmed on the 3rd floor of the Red Velvet Boutique owned by Jeremy Larson’s wife, Elsie (Side note: it’s also the room the Larson’s were married in last May). Those familiar with the blogging world might recognize Elsie from her blog, A Beautiful Mess. The upstairs of her lovely boutique, located in Springfield, MO, was not only where the video was filmed but also where the album was recorded. Elsie is also responsible for designing the gorgeous dress Stacy is wearing in the video (it’s stunning isn’t it, ladies?). As a long time reader of her blog I was so excited to see her involvement in this project. The video is dreamlike as Stacy dances around in angel wings surrounded by white lights. It’s a perfect complement to the song.

“A Minor Bird” doesn’t release till next week but you can pre-order it on the Sucre website now. You can also purchase the song “When We Were Young” on iTunes and download a free track called, “Hiding Out” on their Facebook. Also, be sure to check out their tour dates so you can see the magic live and in person.

The buzz has been building about Sucre for a while now as fans are ready for these tunes. And with three incredibly talented musicians such as Stacy, Darren, and Jeremy all working on one album, you know it’s sure to be a gem.



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