Feature on pop artist, Kimbra

Now a days in the way of pop/dance music there really isn’t much to choose from. You have your Katy Perry’s, Kesha’s, and Lady GaGa’s … thus the reason I opt out of listening to top 40 radio lol. Their songs may be catchy but, in my opinion, lack so much substance and real talent. I haven’t heard any pop music that has really caught my attention in a long time, that is until I discovered, Kimbra. I’ve become addicted to her fun, danceable songs that are so unique and different than anything you’ll hear on top 40. I honestly can’t remember the last time pop music sounded this good and was sung by someone this talented.

You may recognize 22 year old New Zealand native, Kimbra Johnson, as the guest vocalist on Gotye’s wildly popular break out hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”. I first heard this song back in January and constantly had it on repeat (still do). Kimbra’s part of the song was instantly my favorite and I would always find myself rewinding it. That song led me to checking out her music and becoming a fast fan of her danceable pop with a jazzy twist.

Right away I was intrigued by her first single, “Settle Down”, with its great beat and story telling lyrics. The song is about a girls expectations of love, marriage, and happily ever after, “We can settle at a table.. a table for two. Won’t you wine and dine with me? Settle down”. The song and music video for “Good Intent” is also a highlight. The music video for this jazzy pop song is really creative and feels like a short film. With some great acting and a dance scene at end it’s definitely a stand out.

Other notables include “Two Way Street”, which in a very weird way reminds me of 80s/90s pop. And a cover of the Nina Simone classic, “Plain Gold Ring”, a jazzy song that Kimbra sings the heck out of, girl’s got serious chops. Her voice has a lot of power and range and is reminiscent of Christina Aguilera, but better, in my opinion.

One thing you kinda can’t help but notice about Kimbra is that she tends to be a little um, shall we say, eccentric when she sings. Often doing very quirky dance moves, hand motions, and facial expressions; it makes me laugh but I admire that she’s really feeling and following the music.

Kimbra’s getting ready to make her American debut with the release of her album “Vows” on May 22nd. She’s also been busy out on the road doing a full week of shows at this years SXSW and touring with Gotye and Foster The People. She recently collaborated with Mark of Foster The People and A-Trak on an awesome song called, “Warrior, which you can get a free download of here.

In a world full of mindless pop songs sung with very little talent, it’s refreshing when an artist comes along and does something creative and out of the box. Proving you don’t have to be scantly clad and auto-tuned to make fun and catchy pop songs. At such a young age she has talent beyond her years. And without even having an album out yet, her music has created so much buzz. It looks like America has only seen the beginning of what’s sure to be a long career for this kiwi artist.



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