Guest Blog – DIY Picture Frame Project

We’re so excited to have an awesome guest blog to share with you guys today! My cousin Brittany, who happens to be very good at crafts and DIY’s, agreed to share some of her craftiness with us! I always enjoy clicking onto Brittany’s lovely blog, These Happy Times, and seeing what projects she working on, reading about her sweet family, and being inspired by her heart for the Lord. I can’t wait to try my hand at this project and I hope you guys will give it a shot as well! Enjoy!  🙂 – Krystal

Hey Friends! My name is Brittany & I blog over at These Happy Times where you will find me writing about my sweet little boy, my husband, my savior & my love for all things DIY. Recently I opened The Happy Times Etsy Shop where I’ve been selling jewelry & other handmade items. Feel free to come say hello!

Today I am excited to be here sharing an easy DIY Picture Frame Project.

So, when we purchased our first home nearly two years ago we barely had enough furniture for our bedroom room, our son’s room, and almost the den. Good times. Slowly we have been DIY’ing it up to make our home exactly the way we like it. This DIY picture frame project took about 5 minutes to complete once the paint on the frame was dry & it cost me a whopping $2 because we already all of the materials.

Here is the picture frame we will be making today,

Before we get started, first locate the exact spot in your home where your frame will be going. This will give you an idea of the size of frame you will be needing for the space. Now, head to the thrift shop to grab your frame! My frame was $2.

(above is the big empty spot in our hall way)

DIY Picture Frame Materials:

Thrifted Frame

Spray Paint

Staple Gun

Mini Clothes Pins Twine (floss or string would be fine)

Pictures of your choice & size

So, for some reason I didn’t think to take a picture of the frame before spray painting but it was just an old dingy wood frame. The way I like to spray paint a picture frame is to take a wire hanger, bend it to make a hook to hang your frame from, and then make another hook to hang it somewhere outside. I only spray painted the front, but feel free to do the back as well. I went ahead and spray painted several frames at once because we had a picture gallery we were working on at the same time.

Allow your frame to dry for at least 45 minutes. Be patient friends, it is worth the wait to avoid a mess. Trust me 😉 Once dry, flip the frame over to decide exactly how many rows of pictures you would like to make depending on the size of your photos. My pictures were mostly 4×6 pictures so I made three rows with 4 pictures.

Grab your staple gun & twine to make the first row of pictures. Staple your twine to the frame & then tie the twine in a knot. Something you should know about me is that I eyeball everything, but if you want to measure the distance between each row of twine go for it!

Then go across the frame to staple the twine & tie a knot on that side. Repeat these steps for the other rows. Then take your pictures & hang them up with your mini clothespins. Then hang your frame on the wall!

So happy our empty space in the hall is now filled with our sweet memories of old friends & loved ones we don’t get to see that often. Now we can walk past them every day & smile!

I hope you enjoy this easy DIY project!

Be sure to come say hello!


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