About The Waking

Welcome to The Waking! We are a faith-based E-zine that features: Reviews, Artist interviews, Beauty & Fashion, Recipes, Crafts & diys, and Personal blogs. We are girls who love God, have a passion for art, and blog our hearts out in this corner of the world to share it all with you!

The Waking was started spontaneously in the Summer of 2008 after realizing that we, along with so many others, tend to go through life asleep.  Asleep to God, and everything He’s called us to be. So we decided to use MySpace as an avenue to share how we felt God was waking us up in our lives. We have now moved to our new blogging home here on WordPress!

Here at The Waking, we believe that all creativity comes from God, and that He gifted each person with their own special and unique form of creativity to touch and connect with others. To ultimately help others see His truth a little clearer, and feel His love a little stronger. Our prayer is that God will use us to help inspire you to wake up. Wake up to your creativity. Wake up to who you are. Wake up to who God is calling you to be. Wake up to community. Wake up to love. Live life abundantly. Create. Be. Connect with people. Share your story. Let yourself be known. Live to serve and create. Live to bring glory to your Creator!

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, listen to some Jon Foreman, and enjoy exploring The Waking!

If you have any questions, prayer requests, or just want to say hello feel free to e-mail us here: thewaking2008@yahoo.com

The Waking features the following blogs:

ReflectingPersonal blogs reflecting on thoughts, ideas, and dreams

PerspectiveReviews of music, movies, books, and concerts

The Lounge Interviews with creative and artistic people

Someone’s In The KitchenRecipes

The Craft Room – Crafts & DIY

RadianceBeauty and fashion featurette  

Follow us on Twitter @ www.twitter.com/thewaking
To visit our previous website on MySpace, Click Here

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